Stephanie Cooke Demands Batman Writer And Artist Sean Gordon Murphy End His Working Relationship With Blake Northcott

Oh My Gods writer Stephanie Cooke took to Twitter to demand that Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy end his working relationship with Everglade Angels creator Blake Northcott.

Cooke’s demands come soon after Murphy announced he was separating himself from a cover for Doug TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon.

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Murphy explained why he was separating from TenNapel’s Bigfoot Bill 2. He stated, “I recently did a cover for a creator. But it’s been brought to my attention that the creator has posted opinions that are anti LGBTQ. I’ve spoken with that creator, and the cover will now be pulled from the project.”

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Murphy did announce that he was working with Northcott on an upcoming Catwoman series.

Cooke wrote on Twitter, “And what about your work with CGer Bl*ke N*rthcott? Are you pulling your work from any of her projects as well?”

She added, “Seems to me that if now is the time when you’re going to show morals over who you choose to work with, you might want to take a look at EVERYONE.”

Cooke continued, “Revoking your art from one crappy person’s project doesn’t mean squat if you continue working with other crappy people that people are less vocal about.”

Cooke would then take issue with Northcott’s crowdfunding campaign being promoted in a Comicsgate Crowdfund article as well as doing an interview with Bounding Into Comics.

She writes, “She’s included in CGer round-ups where she benefits from their promotion within their community, and does interviews with known CG sites.”

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She continued, “Here’s a snippit of her interview with Bo**ding Into Comics where she tells readers what she’s doing is exactly what CGers are constantly asking for – “it’s a throwback to the comics of the 90s. It’s sexy and fun and dangerous in a way that most modern comics are afraid to be.”

Cooke then takes issue with Northcott’s four steps for a successful James Bond series.

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She also takes issue with Northcott promoting herself to Marvel and Disney. Cooke writes, “Let’s not forget when she petitioned Marvel to hire her instead of Chuck Wendig, in the immediate wake of him being fired from a book because she won’t talk about her politics.”

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She also takes issue with her Norah’s Saga comic that was offered on IndieGoGo in a bundle with Futurists by Patrick Styles and Mitch Breitweiser and Bass Reeves by Kevin Grevioux and David Williams.

Cooke then adds, “Figure it out. I’m done providing proof of her alignments – she is with the CGers, plain and simple, even if she doesn’t outright say it.”

Northcott would respond to Cooke writing, “Oh dear. Stephanie Cooke – you’ve got me with all your ‘evidence’. That I like sexy women. The 90s. I like interacting positively with fans. I’m not a political person. So this means … what? You’re launching a targeted hate campaign against me? A total stranger?”

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She added, “The comic business is like any other. MOST people are very cool (99.9%) but a tiny percentage of sad, mentally ill, or jealous people will spread lies to derail anyone who experiences ANY measure of success. The solution? Be positive. Ignore hate. Move on. Do your best work.”

She concluded, “Just a final thought for the day: I’m 100% ANTI-HARASSMENT, and always have been. Someone just launched a targeted hate campaign against me, but I don’t want to stoop to their level and retaliate. Please, don’t insult them. Don’t slander them. Just ignore them.”

Cooke responded to Northcott’s original response writing, “Lmao I’ll throw her response to me here at the end of this thread because that feels pretty poetic given the actual facts presented above.”

Cooke would then add, PSA: you can’t say that you’re anti-harassment” and align yourself with CG. Those things contradict each other.”

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She continued, “Imagine trying to play the victim and telling your 40,000+ followers that you’re “anti-harassment” and then telling them all that the person showing literal proof of your alignments is mentally ill.”

Cooke then admits she suffers from depression and anxiety. She states, “Also mental illness and the stigma surrounding it is awful. I DO actually suffer from depression and anxiety, but I’m not going to let people weaponize that against me because there’s nothing wrong with it.”

What do you make of Cooke’s call to have Sean Gordon Murphy drop Blake Northcott? What do you make of Northcott’s response to Cooke?

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