First Rotten Tomatoes Critic Reviews For Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Are Fresh

The first Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews for Bloodshot are fresh.

Rotten Tomatoes has not released a score yet, and there are only two reviews posted so far, but both of them are the fresh.

The first review comes from Jesus Palacios at Fotogramas, he gave Bloodshot a 3 out of 5. He wrote, “Vin Diesel may be the great bald hope of current action films.”

The second review comes from Victor Lopez G. at Espinof. He also gave the film a 3 out of 5. He writes, “A fun cocktail of action and B Movie entertainment.”

More reviews are likely to come in later tonight as Bloodshot is currently having it’s world premiere in Los Angeles.

The screening began around 11:30 PM ET.

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While at the premiere, Vin Diesel thanked Valiant Comics fans. He stated, “Shout out to the fans at Valiant Comics. Without you there would be no Valiant Comics, and without Valiant Comics there would be no Bloodshot.”

Sam Heughan also praised the fans and encouraged them to go and see Bloodshot, “We are so, so fortunate to finally have this on screen. This character, obviously we know you guys love. Vin Diesel does an amazing job. You are going to enjoy the movie. You’re not going to enjoy it, you are going to be absolutely blown away by it. Go check it out.”

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Writer Jeff Wadlow also thanked fans, “Thank you to the fans for supporting the books, if you are going to see the movie you are going to love it.”

Bloodshot creator Kevin VanHook was also at the premiere and described seeing Bloodshot come to the big screen as a “dream come true.”

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Bloodshot arrives in theaters on March 13th. There are early screenings on Thursday, March 12th.

What do you make of these early reviews? Do you plan on checking out Bloodshot?