Nissan spokeswoman and Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson and Jungle Cruise actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are facing a social media backlash for their support of Disney’s Mulan remake.

Larson took to Twitter to express her support for the film writing, “I cannot wait to see this movie. Every trailer has made me burst into tears.”

Following this tweet, Larson would be faced with significant backlash from Hong Kong protestors and their supporters, who previously called for a boycott of the film after Mulan actor Liu Yifei showed support for communist China’s crackdown against them.

Hong Kong Protestors Call for Boycott of Disney’s Mulan After Actress Liu Yifei Shows Support for Hong Kong Police

HKCivilWar2019 wrote, “I couldn’t express enough how disappointed in the lack of political sense from Disney & Marvel Studio actors nowadays. Personally been a MCU fan since the absolute beginnings with the first Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton up to the most recent Far From Home.”

Fight4HongKong wrote, “You know what makes Hong Kongers burst into tears every night? Hong Kong police brutality, a human rights violations that Mulan lead actress Liu Yifei openly supports. Boycott Mulan.

Others added their own criticisms of Larson’s support for the film.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who stars in Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise film also showed support for Mulan.

He wrote on Twitter, “Been waiting for this one! Pumped to see it! Great job team Asad Ayaz.”

The Rock would face similar criticisms to Larson.

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Interest in the Mulan seemed to be flagging until recently.

Box Office Pro recently boosted their opening weekend box office forecast for Mulan. Their current prediction sees the film earning $65 million at the domestic box office opening weekend and $185 million total.

Their previous prediction had Mulan only opening to the tune of $48 million and only grossing $138 million total. Box Office Pro says the massive increase in their prediction is due to “significant gains in pre-release tracking thanks to a steady marketing campaign early in the year, although we continue to monitor eventual reviews and audience reception given previsouly mixed online sentiment.”

Even the recently updated prediction from Box Office Pro is still quite low compared to The Hollywood Reporter’s prediction of $85 million. Deadline also predicts the film will have an $85 million opening.

What do you make of this backlash against Brie Larson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for their support of Mulan? Will you be watching Mulan?