The Batman And James Bond Actor Jeffrey Wright Calls President Donald Trump “Most Dangerous Useless Panicky B****”

The Batman and James Bond actor Jeffrey Wright blasted President Donald Trump over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The actor ripped the president, calling him in part a “dangerous useless panicky b****.”

The harsh words came from a Twitter post on Wednesday, referencing a 2014 Tweet that was critical of how the Obama administration handled ebola.

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Wright wrote on Twitter, “On-point read. 3yrs ago! If you wanted the most dangerous useless panicky b**** during Ebola to lead the US thru coronavirus, Donald Trump is it.”

He added, “Big platform. Loud. Relentlessly ignorant. Wrong on EVERYTHING Ebola. NONE of his ‘ideas’ undertaken. No Americans died. See us now.”

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Wright then made some racist remarks stating, “Sad to think Donald Trump’s obvious limp weakness during Ebola could be perceived as strength by the Great White Dope crowd. No good for them now. No good for anyone. Pathetic.”

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The Batman actor isn’t a stranger to hyperbolic comments related to politics. Last May the actor sent out a strange warning to those of the right side of the political aisle when his political side gained power. Saying in part “Everybody else f*****g duck.”

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Later in 2019 the actor again jumped into the political fray during the beginnings of the impeachment hearings.

Like many in Hollywood, the actor was ready for President Trump to be Impeached. Wright wrote on Twitter, “America’s first Civil War fought to prevent southern states from destroying the union to keep black men, women & children enslaved.”

He added, “The second fought over Donald f*****g Trump? We really would be the most ignorant people on the planet.”

He then concluded, “Impeachment this corrupt lowlife clown.”

Currently, the actor is working on his current role as Commissioner Jim Gordon in The Batman film. The Batman is expected to release on June 25th, 2021. He also will reprise his role in as CIA agent Felix Leiter in the James Bond film No Time To Die.

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