Former Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor and current star of SEAL Team David Boreanaz took a shot at CNN for pushing fear during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Boreanaz wrote on Twitter, “Fear kills the immune system. Watching CNN will distroy (sp?) you.”

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Country singer Lisa Matassa would agree with Boreanaz sharing a gif of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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On Instagram, Boreanaz would jokingly encourage people to TP his house, making light of the fact that people are buying up all of the toilet paper.

He shared an image that reads, “I hate everyone in this group. I think all of you are a bunch of whining babies…..feel free to go ahead and TP my house.”

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So be it.

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He would get serious and encouraged people to stay strong in the face of the coronavirus pandemic on St. Patrick’s Day.

Boreanaz wrote on Twitter, “Happy St. Patrick’s day. May the luck of Irish green bring us together in unity to get thru this corona virus set back. Keep strong people.”

Currently, Boreanaz stars in the CBS series SEAL Team where he plays the leader of Bravo Team, Jason Hayes. On the show, the Bravo team is a sub-unit under the famous Seal Team Six unit. It goes around the world engaging in high-risk/high-value missions.

SEAL Team is currently in its third season, though production has currently shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Boreanaz detailed that CBS shut production down as they were working on episodes 21 and 22.

He also thanked fans in an Instagram video for their support of the show and was optimistic that we will get through the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here we go.

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There is currently no word on when SEAL Team will resume production.

What do you make of David Boreanaz’s comments about CNN?