Earthworm Jim Creator Doug TenNapel Fires Back At Tess Fowler and Comicsgate “F*** You”

Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel recently fired back at Dungeons & Dragons artist Tess Fowler as well as Comicsgate saying, “F*** you.”

TenNapel’s comments came after he noted that he was heading to his doctor to treat melanoma on his face.

He wrote on Twitter, “Going to the Dr. for melanoma on my face. If it reaches my lymph nodes (tests coming) I’ll have a 65% chance of survival…”

He then added, “And while LGBTQ activists like Comicsgate/Tess Fowler try to destroy my comic business, my family has instructions to publish my work forever. So f*** you.”

TenNapel further provided information on the melanoma on his face, “It was just a freckle-looking thing like the other 200 freckles on my cheek so I didn’t notice.”

He added, “My regular dermatologist spotted it right away and biopsied it. If we got it early enough she probably saved my life. Also cool that I will have been saved by a hot Asian.”

Dungeons & Dragons artist Tess Fowler recently accused TenNapel of being a bigot and part of a “hate movement” after Batman: White Knight artist and creator Sean Gordon Murphy announced DC Comics wants a White Knight mini imprint.

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Fowler wrote on Twitter, “Today in comics apparently: Known Batman writer, who supports bigots in a hate movement as well as supports that hate movement’s apologists, has a new imprint at DC and is hiring…bigots?”

She added, “Lol. I told y’all in f****** 2017 dude was a problem. But ooo he makes Batman comics.”

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Following Fowler’s tweets, Sean Gordon Murphy dropped out of doing a cover for TenNapel’s upcoming Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon book.

Murphy wrote on Twitter, “I recently did a cover for a creator. But it’s been brought to my attention that the creator has posted opinions that are anti LGBTQ. I’ve spoke with that creator, and the cover will now be pulled from the project.”

He added, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big supporter of the LGBTQ community. From the hard workers at my publisher, to my fellow creators, to the people in my own family.”

He concluded, “I’m sorry if I hurt or upset anyone-I’ve always wanted my work to be about inclusion and about people working together. It’s a major theme in my Batman work. But I can’t be connected to opinions that hurt the LGBTQ community that’s meant so much to my life and my upbringing.”

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Following this move by Murphy, TenNapel accused Fowler and her “twitter mob” of applying pressure to get Murphy to drop the cover.

TenNapel wrote, “I’ve been falsely accused of stuff before so I don’t want to do that to him and leave it out there.”

He added, “When you get new information, you go public. But this is due to Tess Fowler and her twitter mob.”

TenNapel is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign for Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon. The campaign has currently raised $102,873.

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