Following up on the emerging story of toys and collectibles connected to the monster mash Godzilla vs. Kong, we have a new look at GVK-inspired vinyl figures from Funko’s Pop! line.

A purported list, as well as glimpses of the Pops, leaked to the Internet like the Playmates figure designs. The Funko line appears to also confirm spoilers we covered (more on them below).

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On the list are 10-inch figures of both Titans, Kong with his weapon, Mechagodzilla, and Kongs that are “Angry” and “Battle Worn.” All of that was teased in spoilers and by other toys.

The crossed out names in the above Tweet are Pop! Kong – King Kong with Axe, Pop! Godzilla – Godzilla (Breathing Fire), and Pop! Godzilla – Mecha Godzilla.

The authenticity of the list is not 100-percent confirmed but says it was part of a much larger list of Funko products coming soon. Funko has merchandise rights for Godzilla vs. Kong.

In place of official material from the collectibles purveyor, here is a fanmade image of what the Kong-with-Ax Pop could look like:


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Spanish-language YouTube user Kaiju Kingdom MX has been the source for the last few leaks. Here is his video on the GVK Funko Pops and the spoilers:

For those of us who don’t speak Spanish, JTISREBORN made a quick video going into the leaked list of Pops and spoilers. View that here too:

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In a previous story, we told you about the designs for the Godzilla vs. Kong action figures from Playmates that seem to confirm spoilers such as Kong’s ax, Godzilla’s power upgrade, and the new kaiju – the Nozuki (which someone pointed out looks like a serpent from the shortlived 90s Godzilla animated show; good catch there).

Warner Bros. requested the leaked photos to be taken down. That’s the case across the web – but some glimpses are still floating around out there.

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The following concept art indicates Godzilla’s mega power-up could come from parts of Mechagodzilla. Although it looks promising, Mega Godzilla is not fully confirmed for the film.

YouTuber BurningGodzilla Fan 1954 takes an in-depth analysis of all the images and designs.

Will you add these Godzilla vs. Kong Pops to your collection? Let us know.

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