Taika Waititi Teases Space Sharks With A Possible X-Men Villain and Venom Connection?!

In an Instagram live post from Thor: Ragnarok and upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi, there were some tidbits the audience got to hear about the upcoming film.

While speaking with one of the stars, Tessa Thompson, about the script for the upcoming Thor film, he had this to say:

“It’s so over the top now in the very best way. It makes Ragnarok seem like a really run of the mill, very safe film…this new film feels like we asked a bunch of 10-year-olds what should be in a movie and just said yes to everything.”

Waititi even addressed comic book fans about what to expect.

“Look up space sharks and that should give you an idea.”

Space Sharks.

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It’s what he mentions 44 minutes and 20 seconds in. He talks about it for a good minute.

So for all intents and purposes, we can expect space sharks for Thor: Love and Thunder. But what does that mean?

For those of you wondering, space sharks, or star sharks are in the comic books. They first appeared in X-Men #165. The Brood actually use the sharks, fitting them with their own technology and hollowing them out to use them as transports and war vessels across the galaxy. In the issue, they use the sharks to chase down the X-Men, as they were recently implanted with their young.

We have to talk about why Taika is using space sharks, or star sharks as the comics call them. And that’s because they are creatures orbiting a certain planet. That certain planet is home to Gorr the God Butcher. The wielder of the All-Black Necrosword. And these sharks feed on the carcasses of dead gods after Gorr has slain them.

Pure Speculation: Properties?

For those of you out there who don’t know: Gorr the God Butcher is essentially a powerless creature who loses faith in the gods he once prayed to. He happens upon a defeated and wounded god after that entity lost a battle against Knull the symbiote god. And Knull left the All-Black Necrosword behind. Gorr takes the sword, and the amorphous dark essence within the sword bonds with him, giving him new powers to overtake the gods he once believed in.

And with that, he goes on a rampage across the galaxy, slaying whatever unfortunate god had crossed his path.

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Check out Thor: God of Thunder if you want to read that whole story by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic.

A few weeks ago, we talked about Christian Bale spoiled as the villain for Thor: Love and Thunder. And speculated what villain he could be playing.

We even explored the possibility of Bale playing Gorr the God Butcher. We also looked at the possibility of Bale playing Beta Ray Bill, as the character was supposed to appear in Thor: Ragnarok.

Gorr is a bit problematic in terms of property and where rights to the character might be, because he possesses the All-Black Necrosword. And you would think that Knull, being the symbiote god, is not a property Marvel/Disney could touch. Because that’s Venom Territory. Spider-Man territory. Sony property.

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But, to be honest, we have been wondering about a certain unnamed Sony title coming out in 2021 – thinking it could be Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. And both companies Marvel/Disney and Sony have certain rights to it, or at least they did, it’s unclear what negotiations have brought fruit more recently.

Nevertheless, for that movie to get made would have to be a collaborative effort. So, heck, why not throw in Knull the symbiote god and the All-Black Necrosword in the mix. Note that Taika in the live stream does say that it was like 10-year-olds said yes to every single thing. With that, I’m not going to rule any of that out yet.

Further Speculation: The Other Property?

As long as we’re on this ride, there’s also the wild idea that we could be introduced to the Brood. Or at least teased with their inclusion in the film as an alien race abducting the space sharks from their orbit. They could be outfitting them with weapons and making them fit vessels for travel across the galaxy. At least that’s what an article over at Heroic Hollywood is suggesting.

Maybe that’s all a bit too wild at the moment. Opening up two franchises with a cameo of space sharks just sounds like madness. The sharks are just to help the creatures get from point A to B, and the Brood actually preferred the Acanti because of their faster than light travel. However, just because it’s too wild, doesn’t mean I’m ruling all of that out.

Back to Gorr

The chances of Christian Bale being Gorr are pretty good considering that Shark inclusion. The question would then be how much of Gorr’s story can they adapt to the film and what elements will they have to leave out? If they can’t use the All-Black Necrosword, then what will be the catalyst for Gorr getting his powers? Because before that, he is a pretty powerless normal creature. He has to become the god butcher through some sort of empowering item.

What do you think of the star sharks/space sharks that Taika is mentioning here? Let us know in the comments below or let’s talk about in on social media!

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