The Mary Sue Claims Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn Outfit Is “Not Flattering On An Actual Human Body” – Cosplays Prove That False

The Mary Sue is at it again. This time with the absolutely outlandish claim that the Harley Quinn outfit seen in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is “not flattering on an actual human body.”

The claim came in an article written by the site’s assistant editor Princess Weekes titled “Suicide Squad Director Responds Fairly Thoughtfully to Harley Quinn Costume Criticism.

It’s an absolutely outlandish claim. The outfit was popularized by actress Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn. It looked pretty flattering on her. One has to wonder if Weekes believes Robbie isn’t an actual human to make such a ridiculous claim.

Not only did the outfit look flattering on Robbie, but plenty of other people thought highly of the outfit. It was one of the most popular Halloween costumes from 2016.

Fortune reported in October 2016 that Harley Quinn was the most popular costume according to Frightgeist. The costume was especially popular in Seattle, Chicago, and New York.

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It beat out Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Star Wars-themed outfits.

Fortune and Frightgeist weren’t the only ones to note the popularity of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad outfit. USA Today noted the popularity of the Harley Quinn costume describing it as “an extremely popular pick for adults and children this year, showing up on several top lists.”

Even more interesting they described the costume as a Do-It-Yourself piece. “It’s a costume that lends itself to DIY.” They added, “Plus, who can resist the pink and blue dipped pigtails?”

Not only was the costume wildly popular in 2016 as a Halloween outfit, it’s also a popular choice for many cosplayers as anyone who has attended a comic book convention in the last five years would know.

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Cosplayer and seamstress Emma recently posted her cosplay of Club Harley from Suicide Squad.

Here’s a better look at the full outfit.

And she’s also done the more iconic Harley Quinn outfit from Suicide Squad as well.

Emma isn’t the only cosplayer to show off her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn outfit.

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Eeva H showed off her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn look as well.

Plenty of others have shared their Harley Quinn cosplays on Instagram. Just take a look.

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I think it’s pretty safe to say the claim that the costume is “not flattering on an actual human body” is complete and utter hogwash given all the cosplays seen above.

But what might be even more galling is that Princess Weekes’ photo on The Mary Sue shows her in an outfit similar to Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look.

As you can see below she’s got the fishnet stockings, and the high-heel boots. She’s even got on a jacket like Harley Quinn.

She’s only really missing the bikini bottom, the stylized trappings, the dyed hair, the tattoos, and the baseball bat.

What do you make of Princess Weekes’ comments regarding the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad outfit?

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