Alicia Silverstone Says She’d Be Game for Another Round as Batgirl

Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone was at the height of her fame when she played Batgirl in Batman & Robin. While not a faithful rendition of the character, Silverstone intimated she might like another crack at it.

Recalling how much she relished working with the late Michael Gough and Uma Thurman, Silverstone said to Collider she is open to doing “it all over again.”

“I loved all my scenes with [Alfred actor] Michael Gough. Michael Gough is a dream and I just love that man so much. So, you know just being with him was so incredible and lovely. I’m trying to think what else I’d be proud of. I mean, I like it when I get to do the fighting scenes with Uma Thurman. That’s fun. But I’d like to do it all over again as this woman! [Laughs] I think it would be much better now.”

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If I didn’t know any better it almost sounds like she is talking about remaking the 1997 film – a prospect with zero chance of coming true. Batman & Robin released 23 years ago and closed the period of Batman films started by Tim Burton. Though it opened strong, it only made $238.2 million and earned a Razzie for Silverstone’s performance.

She played a Batgirl with the civilian name of Barbara but not Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. Her last name was Wilson and she was Alfred’s niece who came to rescue her ill uncle “from a dismal life of servitude” at Wayne Manor. It was a facile way of shoehorning her into the story so she could discover the Batcave and find a suit already made for her.

Batgirl almost returned for a sequel but B&R’s negative reception prevented one from being made. Several other ideas were pitched – including an early take on Batman v. Superman – only for the franchise to be put on ice until Batman Begins.

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Outside animation and a stint on the Birds of Prey TV series, Barbara/Batgirl has been away from the big screen and the live-action scene for a while. That’s about to change. She was absent from Birds of Prey but for a good reason: a solo movie is in development.

According to BOP producer Sue Kroll in December:

“You’ll not see Batgirl. Just gonna say ‘No.’ This is a studio question. That character’s in development on her own film, right?”

No plot elements or casting – other than rumors – have manifested yet but it is in active development.

We know Christina Hodson is writing it and that the film will take place in the same continuity as Birds. Silverstone is not rumored for the proceedings but anything can happen (except a Batman & Robin remake, perish that thought).

Before then, Barbara Gordon will be wheeling into Titans for Season 3. She might take to the streets and leap off Gotham rooftops as Batgirl but we hear she has bigger responsibilities as new GCPD Commissioner.

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