An update in the character description for Doctor Fate in Black Adam classifies the good doctor, naturally, as DC’s answer to Doctor Strange with one exception: Fate is eternal.

The new casting breakdown obtained by The Illuminerdi says that Fate is “ageless” and “Master Of The Mystic Arts” (like Strange). It also calls for a male actor between 40 and 50.

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Doctor Fate

Below is DC Movie News’ post about Illuminerdi’s report.

An earlier casting breakdown leaked in December stated Fate was originally meant for the age range between 30 and 40, the same as Hawkman. Emre Kaya of Geeks WorldWide shared those details at the time.

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Illuminerdi stressed Fate has a “strong supporting role” – something that isn’t news to us or our loyal, attentive readers. We shared the details of Fate’s place in the plot of Black Adam and its depth when they first broke at the end of last month.

Doctor Fate, based on what we heard from Fandom Wire and DCMN, is immortal and a key player in the Justice Society of America in the ancient and the modern age when they have to bring down Adam.

The only difference is Stargirl seems to be removed from the script in favor of Cyclone when the JSA regroups in present-day – though that’s not 100-percent confirmed. Both of them could appear.

Illuminerdi hopes Fate gets “fleshed out properly” in the “ensemble film.” There might not be enough time to go very deep but we should get a taste of how powerful he is in fights with Black Adam; fights promised to be “glorious.”

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They aren’t sure which Dr. Fate will join the fight but the safe bet is Kent Nelson, the “most popular” Doc and “a founding member of the Justice Society.”


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Illuminerdi adds the casting call mentions Adrianna Tomaz, Black Adam’s future wife who possesses the power of Isis “will eventually become Isis by name.” 4Chan leaks attest to this and indicate Tomaz is an archaeology student.

Warner Bros. apparently hasn’t made a final decision on if they will use the name Isis but it’s likely the studio wants to err on the side of caution and avoid the controversy that comes with the Egyptian goddess’s moniker today.

Black Adam is delayed slightly by coronavirus shutdowns but is still scheduled for a Dec. 2021 theatrical release.