A new Black Adam plot leak indicates the Dwayne Johnson-led villain adventure will have a major time jump and two versions, past and present, of the Justice Society of America.

Fandom Wire shared this story in an exclusive before it was picked up on Twitter by DC Movie News – the same user who is adamant Green Lantern Corps is still in active development at Warner Bros.

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Noting earlier comments from Johnson, Fandom Wire says Black Adam will have an origin story component but at the beginning:

“The film indeed starts in the past, but only stays there for about 30 minutes before zooming forward with Black Adam wreaking havoc in [the] present day.”

So the 30-minute mark – or the end of the first act – is the demarcation point for the film’s time jump. Spoilers follow from here.

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Black Adam allegedly starts “many years in the past” – probably BC-era Egypt – and Adam releases “the same 7 Sins from” Shazam!. A group of “immortals,” the first JSA, including a young Wizard, has to stop him.

Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Doctor Fate are included in the line-up of immortal heroes. Mortals Jay Garrick and Alan Scott (the Golden Age’s Flash and Green Lantern) join them. All were confirmed as supporting characters months ago.


It takes the combined might of their powers to defeat the godlike and relentless Black Adam which promises a battle that shows off everyone’s abilities in “glorious” fashion. Entombed until the present day, Adam reawakens and a new JSA forms to face him again.

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Fandom Wire claims the team “shapes up slightly differently” in modern times. Hawkman and Hawkgirl reincarnate in new bodies, as they often do, and hook back up with Fate.

Together, they recruit Atom Smasher and Cyclone, granddaughter of the Red Tornado. The article mentions Cyclone’s whirlwind powers but not if she will have any connection to the past.

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Fandom Wire offers a little background on Atom Smasher:

“Atom Smasher’s strength and density increase proportionately to whatever size he chooses to be. In the comics, he’s worked with Black Adam, as well as fought him – in fact, as strong as Atom Smasher seems – he has been knocked out by just one of Black Adam’s punches.”


Isis (known simply as Adrianna “for obvious political/marketing reasons”) joins them too. Her powers derived from a magic amulet – “flight, super speed, super strength…telekinesis, geokinesis, the ability to change the molecules of inanimate objects, AND the ability to stop and reverse time” –  are on par with those of Wonder Woman and Superman, and exceed them in some respects. They’re expected to be toned down significantly.


We previously learned from a 4chan spoiler that Black Adam wants to use the Amulet of Isis to revive his wife Shiruta and that is expected to play a heavy part in the plot. Its power turns her into the final threat, according to the leak.

No mention was made by Fandom Wire or DCMN of Stargirl (another member of the JSA reportedly being cast), and what role she will play.

Black Adam isn’t out until 2021 and production may be delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, but the film already looks like it’ll throw everything including the kitchen sink at fans. With all the characters it aims to introduce and the passage of time in it diegetically, this could be the DC cinematic reboot we keep hearing about.

Either way, I agree with Thomas Polito of The Geeks WorldWide who called the upcoming epic a “DC fans wonderland” that is worth waiting for.

How is Black Adam shaping out in your eyes? What character are you most looking forward to seeing? Tell us in the comments.