Earlier, we told you about Doctor Fate’s significant supporting role in Black Adam plus a little of what to expect from Adrianna Tomaz, aka Isis. Well, there is more to divulge about Adrianna as a character and the part she plays, along with what you can expect from spunky newcomer Cyclone.

The Illuminerdi says they took a look at two scenes in the script by Adam Sztykiel and, in addition to Adrianna and Cyclone, they confirm the presence of Atom Smasher, Fate, Hawkman, and the rest of the Justice Society.

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The first two will be fleshed out and important. “Adrianna Tomaz will be a significant character in the story, according to the script,” said The Illuminerdi, and “audiences will feel her presence.”

They describe her as “a strong and proud middle eastern woman” as well as “brave and fearless.” She is “strong enough to stand beside Teth-Adam” yet opposes violence.

Her backstory departs from the 52 miniseries where she was a slave but her strength and pacifism are in keeping with her characterization in the Filmation series The Secrets Of Isis.

In a bigger departure, she is written as a single mother. Her son is an original character named Aziz, an “abrasive” boy with a “quick tongue” and a loner’s streak. The way he interacts with Adam, fresh out of a tomb and stricken by amnesia, relies on “fish-out-of-water humor.”

Black Adam

“Black Adam behaves in an unrefined Machiavellian manner in those domestic scenes,” continues the article, “promoting violence and destruction to Aziz.” So it sounds as if director Jaume Collet-Serra and Dwayne Johnson, who also produces, are going with a tone similar to Shazam! despite Billy Batson not being in the film.

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Adrianna has to lead Adam around too on account of his amnesia. She takes him to a graveyard, for one, because it’s the last thing he can remember. This could be where his first wife, Shiruta (whom leaks indicate is another crucial dramatic component), is buried.

Cyclone Scene

Scene two has Cyclone joining the Justice Society, welcomed by Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Atom Smasher – her apparent boyfriend described as “kind” and warm. Cyclone – real name Maxine Hunkel – indeed appears to replace Stargirl in every way, something we suspected.

Known as “talkative” and perky, Maxine has two fangirl moments being in the presence of Fate. I guess she is a big fan of his and knows a lot of minutiae about him. That intel may come from her grandmother, the original Red Tornado, and a member of the JSA.


All very interesting and revealing but exercise caution. These details “may not reflect,” as Illuminerdi notes, the final draft of the script or Black Adam when it hits screens.

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