We can confirm Wonder Woman flies in the upcoming movie thanks to merchandise – available on Amazon no less – serving up the spoiler.

Images – our first snippet of footage from Wonder Woman 1984 – that are part of a mini calendar, show off her “new” (but not unprecedented) ability.

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Feast your eyes on the primary spoiler image of Gadot in mid-flight.


The other image shows clouds behind her and she could be floating.


A description was also released. Worth noting is it refers to Wonder Woman as a goddess which is how Zack Snyder envisioned her in the DC Extended Universe. Read it below:

“You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime as Diana Prince takes her rightful place by your side as Wonder Woman. This 2021 Wonder Woman 1984 mini calendar will have you squaring off against your chaotic schedule with your formidable abilities. Shine forth as the brilliant goddess you are! Mini calendars are ideal for those with limited wall space. These Forest Stewardship Council-certified calendars highlight 13 images in a compact size. Sixteen months (Sep. 2020-Dec. 2021).”

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Wonder Woman has been able to fly for a long time so it’s no big deal to see it happen in the movies. The trailer and Reddit leaks already revealed she takes to the skies with the Lasso of Truth and an invisible jet.

Let’s not forget the winged gold armor either.


But we also recognize the chatter Diana will take Superman’s place in the DCEU starting with WW84.

Grace Randolph said the following recently:

“Well, I told you they are slowly shifting away from what happened. So I never said they were going to do Flashpoint specifically. I said they were going to be like Flashpoint where they were going to shift the reality in the movies, because remember there is a wishing stone in the movie that can change reality. Also, they have just totally done away with the idea of Wonder Woman hiding since WWI. Remember in Batman vs. Superman she was like, ‘I can’t put up with no man’s land, I don’t want to do anything with this. I want to mind my own business. No one has ever heard of Wonder Woman.’ Not the case anymore. Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman everybody knows, not only who she is but that Diana is Wonder Woman. She has no secret identity. So… it’s a strong choice.”

WW84 will take place in the same timeline as Batman v. Superman and Justice League but that doesn’t mean she won’t be looked at as DC’s MVP going forward.

Henry Cavill’s status is in limbo and Ben Affleck is done as Batman. Only one is left and it’s a predictable choice if Warner Bros. wants to keep some things originated by Snyder and respect the first line-up in BVS.

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They also might be set on upholding Hollywood’s gynocentric streak of representation in major franchises. We’ve seen it with Star Wars and Marvel and Harley Quinn is already a favorite of Warner/DC.

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Legos and other tie-in merchandise have spoiled or confirmed much of the film ahead of its new August release date. By then, we ought to have a better clue what direction WW84 will take the DCEU.