Twitch streamer Fedmyster reported he received a three-day ban from Twitch after he opened a link from Twitter showing Alinity’s “nip slip.”

Fedmyster made the announcement on his streaming channel’s Twitter account with a screenshot from Twitch that showed he was banned. It also explained the reasoning behind the ban.

Fedmyster made clear that he’d only opened the link for a moment and immediately closed it upon realizing the content of the link.

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He wrote on Twitter, “Just a heads up, it appears I’ve been banned on FEDMYSTER2 for 3 days for ‘sharing content featuring nudity.'”

Fedmyster continued, “For context, someone posted Alinity’s nipple on twitter when I had it open. It was on for less than a second but it is what it is. Going to explore every option and LYK.”

In a subsequent tweet he added, “I cannot stream on my main either— that would be considered ban evasion. Sending in my appeal now tho.”

Many fans found this to be ridiculous; much of it to do with what many perceive as Twitch’s hypocrisy. Alinity only received a one day ban for her “nip slip.” She would go on to self-impose a three day ban on herself.

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While she only received a one day ban for the nip slip, Fedmyster received a three day ban for reportedly showing the nip slip. That’s definitely not consistent.

After going public with the ban and then proceeding to appeal it, Fedmyster did report that his ban was overturned.

He stated, “Twitch has gone ahead and unbanned me.”

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While Twitch did eventually drop their ban against Fedmyster, what do you make of their initial ban and the inconsistency in regards to Alinity’s ban?  Do you think Twitch has a double standard for certain streamers?

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