Captain Marvel Was Once Defeated By The Punisher

Captain Marvel might be a god-like being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who appears to be nigh on invincible, smashing through Thanos’ flagship with no effort and tearing through Kree warships, but once upon a time she got her butt whooped by none other than Frank Castle aka Punisher.

Back in 2018, writer Matthew Rosenberg got a hold of The Punisher and stuck him in James Rhodes’ War Machine suit.

The Punisher would quickly adapt to the suit and was sent to Chernaya by Nick Fury. While abroad The Punisher makes full use of the suit and puts an end to General Petrov’s regime in typical Punisher fashion.

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Upon his return to the United States of America in Punisher #224, The Punisher got back up to his old ways and decided to take a visit to The Bar With No Name where he confronted Rhino, Bullseye, Grizzly, and Scourge.

After disposing of Scourge and in hot pursuit of Rhino, Bullseye, and Grizzly, The Punisher is attacked by Captain Marvel.

A battle between The Punisher and Captain Marvel ensues as Rhino, Grizzly, and Bullseye escape with Captain Marvel threatening to rip Castle out of the suit if he doesn’t get out of it willingly.

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In the beginning, The Punisher doesn’t go full out and even instructs the War Machine armor to not attempt to kill Captain Marvel. However, the battle takes a dangerous turn as Captain Marvel pursues The Punisher as he attempts to leave the battle scene.

The two go full out above New York City first firing energy blasts at each other and then going toe to toe. The battle eventually culminates with both Castle and Captain Marvel firing point blank attacks at each other.

The blast sends both Captain Marvel and Punisher tumbling down to Earth. The Punisher walks away from the crash first and seeks out a place to lay low knowing that Danvers will recover and seek him out.

Captain Marvel does eventually catch up to The Punisher along with a host of other superheroes including The Thing, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Falcon U.S. Agent, Hercules, and Luke Cage.

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The Punisher again takes down Captain Marvel. She goes charging head first towards him. As she approaches, The Punisher fires a flashbang that stuns Captain Marvel and sees her plow her way through a brick wall.

Captain Marvel eventually recovers and delivers a sucker punch against Castle while he’s distracted fighting Luke Cage and Hercules.

The cheap shot sends him flying through a brick wall. However, before Captain Marvel can continue her attack, The Punisher blasts all of the heroes pursuing and leaves them worse for wear.

The battle ends with Castle fleeing through an access hatch to the subway tunnels.

The Punisher is definitely no slouch especially when he’s taking full advantage of the War Machine armor.

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