With his cut of Justice League getting ready to be set loose, Zack Snyder is thinking about all the characters he can bring back into the DC Extended Universe, and no one is exempt.

During his watch party on Vero where he screened Man of Steel (as reported by Heroic Hollywood), Snyder explained his position that a character some may have forgotten, Zod’s right hand Faora, could be alive and drifting in the Phantom Zone.

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Among other details, Snyder shared Faora, sucked into the open void thanks to Kal-El, could survive there without a suit:

“Is there a chance to survive in the phantom zone with no suit on? I feel like possibly… it would be cool to imagine. Faora could return.”

The precedent was set decades ago so it’s not hard to imagine. Creatures and other beings, such as Zod and a few Kryptonians, have been sent to and survived a sentence in the Phantom Zone only to emerge from it time and again. Zod alone has done it a few times in different media.

Faora could be no different. Returning, knowing there is no hope to revive Krypton and finding out her commander has been killed, she’d be hungry for revenge on Superman and have no shortage of fuel for that fire.

Heroic Hollywood consequently views her as a worthy and “capable villain” for a sequel if one materializes. Henry Cavill closing a deal to play Superman again might help there.

Faora has the right motivation and can go toe to toe with Kal-El. Interesting as she is, however, she lacks the stature of other villains fans would rather see. More people likely prefer to see Supes fight Black Adam on the big screen as opposed to Faora one more time.

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Antje Traue

Faora was played by German actress Antje Traue and left alive in case “Traue’s services be necessary” down the line. It’s a remote possibility, but if they’re actually willing to consider using Michael Shannon’s Zod again in a Supergirl movie, anything is possible.

Though she’s kept a low profile since Man of Steel, Traue continues to act, mostly in Germany. She had roles in the 2015 fantasy adventure Seventh Son alongside Jeff Bridges and Alicia Vikander and 2016’s Criminal with an ensemble that included Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds, Alice Eve, and fellow DCEU vets Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot.

Traue currently stars in the German Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark. There are no further plans for her being discussed at DC that we know of.

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