A fully realized version of Marvel Studios X-Men may still be years away – but that’s not going to stop the rumor-mill from turning! Everyone’s favorite cinematic fortune teller, Mikey Sutton, is back at it again with another round of MCU X-Men rumors.

It would seem someone got their hands on some meeting notes. A possible team line-up has slipped out of a top-secret meeting and spilled onto YouTube. The channel Cosmic Wonder reported on several spoilery facts that, if true, provides us starving X-Men fans with some much welcome insight into Kevin Feige’s future plans for Marvel’s Merry Mutants.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

We’ll start with the alleged line-up that includes some newcomers as well as faces we’ve all seen before. They are Thunderbird, Storm, Cyclops, Havok, Nightcrawler, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), and Sunfire. Ok, not so ‘new.’ We’ve seen all these X-Men in live-action before in one way or another.


Thunderbird, John Proudstar, hasn’t made his way to the big screen yet, but we have seen a version of his little brother, James, as Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past. You’ll remember that he died horribly at the hands of several Sentinels. A couple of times, in fact.

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John, however, was included in the X-based Fox television series, The Gifted.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

THE GIFTED: in the “oMens” season finale episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Feb. 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.


Storm has been in every X-Men team film shy of First Class. A change to the character that was also mentioned in these “leaks” is that she’ll be entering the fray by way of Wakanda. I’m sure this would be a welcome change for those fawning over the idea of her being in a relationship with the Black Panther – his romance with Nakia notwithstanding. It also sheds some light on her intended age range – if true.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

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Cyclops, Havok, Nightcrawler, and Marvel Girl are all mainstays from the last franchise – though this would be the first time Jean’s codename is used – so there’s nothing really “all-new, all different” there.


Sunfire, though, has never been used outside of a couple cameos/ guest appearances in the 90’s animated series.

If you’re not familiar with him and his powers – Shiro Yoshida debuted with the Giant-Sized class that saw the introduction of Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, and the like. He’s an arrogant, stubborn Japanese mutant with the ability to fly and project intense heat in the form of plasma-level flames.

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Think Sunspot’s powerset in Days of Future Past. Yes, that was Sunspot – not Sunfire, strangely.

Other details were less direct outside of X-Men again going the boarding school route that was developed in the original Fox adaptation, X1. The phrase “Hogwarts for mutants” was used – so I guess, not so “new and different” after all. Because of this, the cast won’t be limited to just the aforementioned seven characters.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

If these rumors prove to be correct it also means that Thunderbird will not be long for the world – similar to his comic book counterpart. There’s mention of him dying en route to Krakoa. Not much more was given about that, but the tidbit of information could have huge implications.

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Currently, in the books, Krakoa is the homeland of all the mutants on the earth, not dissimilar to Utopia, Asteroid-M, or what Genosha became – all before being decimated. Whether this version of Krakoa is something similar, or more akin to the monster island that imprisoned the X-Men, has yet to be revealed.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

A last morsel of info has to do with the use of Magneto. The master of magnetism may be put on the backburner for a few years – not introduced upfront as we saw in the last two iterations of the character.

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According to the rumors he’s destined to debut as an antagonist, but will switch sides to help lead the X-Men against Doctor Doom. A conflict that is currently happening right now in X-Men + Fantastic Four.

MCU X-Men Rumor: New Team Line Up Revealed?

This gives more credence to the idea that actor, Giancarlo Esposito, may be taking up the role of Professor X after all. If Magneto is years away – there’d be no point in attempting to cast him now. Not to mention – if he’s leading the X-Men against Doom, where’s Xavier?

What do you think about this new crop of hearsay? Let us know below.

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