In contrast to the previous rumor saying JJ Abrams may still be up for a Superman film, with Henry Cavill as opposed to a new actor, Cavill could end up making Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder and Dwayne Johnson.

This latest rumor comes from Mikey Sutton and was passed along by the Lords of the Long Box as a “Breaking Scoop!”

In turn, it comes on the heels of the news of Henry Cavill’s negotiations for a return as Superman.

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That potential deal was reportedly for cameos in other DC movies, like Shazam! 2 or Black Adam. Man of Steel 2 was not on the table or even a priority.

According to Sutton, things changed. Calling that part of the story “erroneous,” Sutton claimed, “There is growing interest at the folks at AT&T of a Man of Steel sequel.”

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Parent company AT&T, says Sutton, doesn’t want to do away with the DC Extended Universe canon started by Snyder. The trigger was pulled on the Snyder Cut at their behest, more so than Warner Bros., because AT&T execs liked what Snyder screened.

To them, the Snyder Cut is an “explosive promotional vehicle” and, happy with “the social media response” over the past two years, they may approach Snyder to direct MOS2.

Sutton stated:

“AT&T has strong faith in the Snyder Cut living up to the hype. The social media response from the fans has them thrilled about how they can expand the franchise.”

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Superman Black Adam

What of Abrams?

JJ Abrams’ status for a Superman movie “is up in the air” – much like Man of Steel 2 has been since 2013. AT&T wants his services more for HBO Max, hoping he’ll duplicate the success of Lost.

That’s part of why he is producing Justice League Dark as a series. What’s more, his contract stipulates creative control. Reaffirming what HBO Content Director Kevin Reilly stated recently, the rumor claims Abrams will have that, playing exclusively in his playground.

With Superman, he won’t be as lucky. Sutton added:

“Whatever involvement [Abrams has with] Superman theatrically will have to be under some sort of compromises or perhaps none at all. The perception of the Snyder Cut will be where the final decisions are made.”

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What The Rock Is Cooking

Dwayne Johnson is rumored to want a cameo in Man of Steel 2 and is believed to have a lot to do with Henry Cavill staying in the picture. Several rumors point this out.

If that’s what he wants then the Black Adam star may get it and cause the MOS sequel to move forward. This could lead to Cavill guest-starring in future Shazam franchise installments (which also encompasses Black Adam).

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