We keep hearing J.J. Abrams is going to make a Superman movie as part of his deal with Warner Bros. and recast the role. However, that might change with Henry Cavill moving closer to a return in the cape.

Sources told YouTuber John Campea Abrams is indeed making a Superman movie and it will include Cavill – or, at least, that is within the realm of possibility.

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“The reason they haven’t announced anything,” Campea said, “is they want Abrams to still have some flexibility to make those decisions.”

Cosmic Book News first reported the Abrams-Superman rumor, that it would result in a recasting (with young unknown David Corenswet as the favorite), and it would be the beginning of a fresh start for the DC Extended Universe under The Rise of Skywalker director, his buddy and The Batman director Matt Reeves, and The Suicide Squad’s James Gunn.

The realization of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Cavill’s retention of the part after years of lobbying threw those alleged plans for a loop.

What’s more, CBN reveals the potential for Justice League 2 and Man of Steel 2 to come out of it all. WB may have requested “seeds” of these endeavors to be planted in the Snyder Cut.

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As of right now, Man of Steel 2 is not in the cards but that doesn’t mean Abrams won’t end up directing it or a Justice League sequel. His name gets brought up with the future of both series and he has the green light on a Justice Leage Dark show for HBO Max.

J.J. just might have to deal with them within a shared universe. Cosmic believes Dwayne Johnson, star of Black Adam and co-producer of Shazam!, wants to keep that intact.

Wrote Cosmic Book head honcho Matt McGloin:

“Johnson reportedly wants to keep the DCEU as a shared cinematic universe involving Black Adam and the Justice Society of America instead of having standalone DC movies, and he wants the Henry Cavill Superman involved (who happens to be rumored for Black Adam).”

McGloin also states Johnson is a key figure in why Cavill is sticking around. They share the same manager, Dany Garcia, Johnson’s ex-wife and mother of his daughter Simone.

Though Warner may use him strictly for cameos in DCEU movies, Cavill isn’t a lock for Black Adam. He could show up in Shazam!’s sequels or Aquaman’s but it’s not certain yet. He is reportedly only in talks with the studio and a deal hasn’t been reached.

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There’s doubt too J.J. Abrams is next to helm a Superman film. Lending credibility to the idea, however, is recent comments made by Damon Lindelof, who produced Lost with Abrams.

In an interview with Comicbook.com discussing Abrams’ script for Superman: Flyby, Lindelof stated J.J. is obsessed with the Man of Tomorrow:

“But it’s interesting that you mentioned J.J. because long before I worked with him on Lost, J.J. actually wrote a Superman script that never got made for a variety of reasons mostly of which I think is like that Wolfgang Petersen was trying to make a Superman Versus Batman movie,” the writer adds. “They were also trying to do JLA. This was all before Chris Nolan came in and basically took over Batman, et cetera, but it all kind of just got lost in the wash. He’s had a long-term obsession with Superman. I guess what I would say is I would love to see a J.J. Superman movie, but I don’t have a take on the character that would be better than that.”

In light of the above rumors, who can tell where that obsession is headed?