Shang-Chi Actor Simu Liu Advocates Dismantling Police, Wants Police Disciplined For Smirks

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Star of the upcoming Shang-Chi movie, Simu Liu, has taken to social media to advocate for the dismantling of police.

In early June, Liu took to social media to campaign for the defunding of police.

He wrote, “Over the last few days I went from empathetic and sad to just plain angry. Defund it.”

Liu added, “Defund it and make way for a new system that doesn’t prey on the lives of the underprivileged.”

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Liu would then declare that the current structure of the United States is based on “systemic racism.”

From there Liu would write, “THE BAR IS SET TOO GODDAMN LOW.”

He continued, “Officers should be disciplined for the SLIGHTEST abuse of force and power. They should be disciplined for every punch, kick, swing of a baton, or SMIRK that was not ABSOLUTELY necessary.”

He concluded the tweet writing, “A SYSTEM CONDONES ALL OF THIS IS BROKEN.”

Liu was then asked,  “If we completely dismantle the police, what will we do instead?” He responded, “Live.”

He then stated he wants to “reboot the criminal justice system” comparing it to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man franchise and actor Tom Holland.

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Fans apparently began debating about Spider-Man actors and ignoring Liu’s call to reboot the criminal justice system. He had to subsequently tweet, “Guys the point was Defund the Police not let’s debate Spider-Man (I remembered the dash this time.”

Liu then declared what he would replace the police with. He wrote, “‘WhAt WiLl We RePlAcE ThE pOLiCe WiTh?!?!’ Social Workers. Crisis staff trained in de-escalation. Womens’ shelters. Counsellors. Planned Parenthood. Therapists. Safe injection sites. Rehab. Community outreach. Night classes. Affordable health care. #ImagineSomethingDifferent”

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Liu’s comments would receive pushback from The Blaze writer Jessica Fletcher. She wrote, “I hate the term “privilege,” but this is some male privilege right here.”

She explained, “Thinking a woman could call a “de-escalation” hotline when a man attacks her would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.”

Twitter user Neontaster added, “That woman is being raped! Quick, somebody call Planned Parenthood!”

Another added, “‘How are we going to stop criminals? Abortion!’ I see eugenics is back in style. It IS the 20s again.”

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Others also criticized Liu’s comments.

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Liu responded to the criticisms writing, “Welcome cynics and conservative trolls! Glad you’re dropping by. While you’re here, please take a gander as to what abolishing the police actually looks like.”

He added, “Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t mean absolutely no police anymore!”

Liu seemingly doesn’t know what the word abolish means. Here’s a refresher, “formally put an end to a (system, practice, or institution).”

Nevertheless, he then tweeted a screen shot from a Guardian article attempting to validate his opinions and call for defunding the police. It reads, “Abolition groups argue that policing and prison are at their core racist and harmful and make communities less safe. They also point out that the vast majority of police work has nothing to do with responding to or preventing violence, and that police have a terrible track record of solving murders or handling rape and domestic violence.”

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Liu is not the only Hollywood celebrity advocating for radical policies involving the police. Other Marvel Studios actors including Brie Larson and Natalie Portman have advocated for defunding the police. Star Wars and Supergirl actor Sam Witwer has also advocated for defunding the police as well.

What do you think of Simi Liu’s comments? Did he handle the response from users well?

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