Artist Fred Benes recently shared his My Hero Academia pinups featuring Mirko, Mt. Lady, and Uraraka.


In the middle of April, Benes first shared his Ochaco Uraraka aka Uravity pinup.

Uraraka first appeared in Chapter 3 of the manga and the third episode of the anime.

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Her quick is Zero Gravity and it allows her to nullify gravity on solid targets both living and nonliving. This allows the objects to become weightless and float. She can cancel the effects by touching her fingers together.

Take a look at Benes’ Uraraka pinup.

Mt. Lady

He next shared Mt. Lady at the end of April.

Mt. Lady or Yu Takeyama first appeared in Chapter 1 of the manga and the first episode of the anime.

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She’s the #23 ranked pro-hero and her quick is Gigantification.

Her quirk allows her to significantly grow, towering over city buildings.

Take a look at Benes’ pinup.


Benes would then share his Mirko pinup towards the end of May.

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Mirko or Rumi Usagiyama first appeared in Chapter 184 of the manga and made her first full appearance in Episode 87 of the anime.

She is the number five pro hero. Her quirk is Rabbit which grants her the abilities of a rabbit including enhanced strength in her legs allowing her to leap great distances and rip off her opponents heads. She also has enhanced hearing through her ears.

Take a look at Benes’ pinup.

Which one is your favorite?