Artist Marcio Abreu recently shared his mash up of Batman and Conan The Barbarian dubbing it Batman the Barbarian.

Conan and Batman haven’t actually met although Conan did recently crossover with fellow Justice League member Wonder Woman in 2017.

Conan typically crossovers with Red Sonja, but more recently has been appearing in Marvel Comics since the company acquired the rights to publish the character. He’s a main character in Marvel’s Savage Avengers where he teams up with Venom, Punisher, Wolverine, Elektra, Brother Voodoo, and Doctor Strange.

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Conan has also appeared alongside Thor, Captain America, and the X-Men in Marvel’s What If…? series.

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As you can see in the Instagram post below, Abreu gives Batman a Hyborean aesthetic. He wields a giant two handed axe. However, the axe blade is in the shape of a bat.

Batman’s chest logo is actually part of a necklace of animal teeth.

He’s also traded in his utility belt for a big metal belt

His trademark cape is now an animal pelt.

Batman also appears to have traded in his Batarangs for a sword.

Take a look.

While he also shared his mashup of Conan and Batman, he also shared some artwork of just Conan and Batman.

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Here’s a recent commission for a friend of Conan he shared in May.

And here’s another.

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And here’s a look at Batman that he shared in April.

He also shared a Zombie Batman in April too.

What do you make of Abreu’s Batman the Barbarian mashup?