Artist Drawings From Hell took classic Dragon Ball Z characters and turned them into Street Fighter II characters.

The mash-up is called Dragon Fighter. Drawings From Hell explains, “In this crossover I will merge two of my favorite franchises from my childhood Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter.”

He adds, “I hope you like the Dragon Fighter mashup!”

The first mashup is Goku in Ryu’s outfit.

Take a look.

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He also featured Goku Black in Evil Ryu’s outfit.

Drawings From Hell would go on to produce 20 different mash-ups. After Goku and Ryu, he imagined Krillin in Ken Masters’ outfit.

He would continue with Yajirobe as Edmondo Honda.

Next is Piccolo as Blanka.

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He then imagined Chi-Chi as Chun Li. However, Drawings From Hell describes Chi-Chi as Milk. The reason for this is that the character was called Milk in the Latin American Dub. The reason for the change is because chi-chi is a slang term for “breast” in Mexican Spanish.

Vegeta gets the Guile treatment.

Nappa gets the honor of becoming Zangrief.

Tien Shinhan is mashed up with Dhalsim.

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An adult Son Gohan is combined with Sagat.

Yamcha is mashed up with Balrog.

Future Trunks gets the Vega treatment.

Next is Master Roshi as M. Bison.

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Drawings From Hell then turned Android 18 into Cammy.

The last solo mash-up is Broly and Akuma.

Following the solo mash-ups Drawings From Hell featured some team-ups and versus. In these he also showcased some different color palettes for the outfits.

First up is Gohan and Nappa together.

Next is Vegeta versus Krillin. Krillin doesn’t stand a chance.

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Next is Future Trunks and Piccolo.

Then we get Tien and Yajirobe.

Goku takes on his mentor Master Roshi next.

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Last, but not least is a mother, son team up with Chi-Chi and Gohan ready for battle.

What do you make of these mash-ups? Which one is your favorite? Would you want to play Dragon Fighter?

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