Artist Odio shared a number of his creations to Instagram where he puts various Dragon Ball characters into real world settings.

The characters include a young Goku, adult Goku, Bulma, Piccolo, Launch, a young Chi-Chi, and a young Kirllin.

The characters are featured in a variety of locations, whether it’s high in the sky on Goku’s Nimbus, walking down a remote sidewalk, soaring above the skyscrapers of Tokyo, or taking a drive down a country road. Odio even showcases Piccolo meditating under a waterfall. We even get to see Piccolo and Goku battling it out in the middle of a courtyard.

Take a look at Odio’s creation. We start off with Goku enjoying a sunset in the country while on his Flying Nimbus.

Next up Goku’s taking a Capsule Corporation vehicle for a little joy ride down the coast.

Odio then shows Bulma enjoying a day at the beach.

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Next up, Goku is still deep in thought in the forest as the sun now appears to be reaching noon.

A young Goku soars above the streets of Tokyo.

An older Goku accelerates on Flying Nimbus with the ocean below him.

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Piccolo meditates underneath a waterfall.

A young Goku flies over top a city on his Flying Nimbus.

Bulma takes a bike ride down an urban street.

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A young Goku explores Tokyo.

Bulma takes a motorcycle drive down a country road.

Goku is popping wheelies on his motorcycle as he passes through a small village.

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Krillin, Launch, and Goku soar through the skies on Flying Nimbus.

Chi-Chi climbs aboard Goku’s Flying Nimbus.

Finally, Piccolo and Goku spar in the middle of a courtyard.

Which one is your favorite?

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