Artist Erren Van Duine reimagined a classic Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball cover with an adult Gohan.

Van Duine reimagined Toriyama’s cover from Vol. 18 Chapter 207 “Son Gohan Grieves” that originally debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump back in January 1989.

He took the young Gohan seen in the cover and aged him to an adult, but kept Gohan’s unique outfit the same.

Take a look.

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Here’s a better look:

However, it does appear that he did tone down the brightness of the colors and even changed the color of Gohan’s shoes and his bracelets.

Van Duine also posted some detail close ups because “Twitter obscures some of the finer texture and paint work.”

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And here’s a better look at the close-ups:

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He also shared a screentone variant of his adult Gohan reimagining.

Here’s a better look:

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Van Duine then hoped that Dragon Ball Super: Broly animator Naohiro Shintani will use this design for Gohan in an upcoming Dragon Ball movie.

A new Dragon Ball movie is reportedly in development as reported by Twitter user Goreshx back in June 2019, who revealed a conversation involving Akiyo Iyoku and Hayashida Norihiro.

In the alleged conversation Iyoku states, “We are steadily making preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie.”

One fan also requested this version of Adult Gohan in the costume be added to Dragon Ball Heroes.

What do you make of Van Duine’s reimagining of Toriyama’s original color?

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