DC Films’ New Gods director Ava DuVernay threatened to discriminate against white men when it comes to hiring for films.

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DuVernay’s threat came in response to a Twitter thread from Nicole French detailing a number of people objecting to a Ri-Karlo Handy seeking out black Union editors.

French wrote, “Today, a black film editor posted in a Facebook group for Hollywood editors looking to connect w/other black editors, as there is severe underrepresentation in post-production & they can be hard to find.”

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She added, “What ensued is a slew of white editors who immediately objected to the post, asked for it to be taken down by moderators, and accused the poster of breaking the law, discriminating against whites, fanning “anti-white” racism against them, and insulted black editors and white editors speaking up for diversity.”

French then shared a screenshot of the original post from Ri-Karlo Handy.

Here’s a better look.

French would then proceed to attempt to shame a number of editors who objected to the post and targeted the companies they worked for.

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She started with Nathan Lee Bush.

As you can see in the screenshot, Bush responded to Handy writing, “Look what we’re asked to tolerate. The people openly and proudly practicing racism are the ones calling everyone racist to shut them down, and anyone who dares to speak up is canceled, their livelihood and dreams stripped from them by the braying mob.”

He added, “White people, it’s time to speak up vehemently against the anti-white racism so proudly displayed here and in the culture, before it’s too late. This is about more than your career, or the next agency gig. This is about the country you and your kids will live in.”

He concluded, “Free speech is a use it or lose it proposition. Be brave and stand up to this intolerant mob trying to shout you down. It’s now or never.”

In a separate comment he wrote, “As long as there’s not a peep when I specify “white editors only” for my next job. You know, because I need a white perspective on the subject matter. “No, you don’t get it, this is the GOOD racism this time!”

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Next on French’s cancel list was Russ Blaise.

He wrote, “I wonder how it would go over if I asked for a white union editor.”

In another comment he wrote, “You don’t get it I was just asking a question. Don’t get all BLM on me! I could care less if someone wants to only hire a black person to do a job for them. It’s just if I would ask to just hire a white person for my project, you liberals would be climbing walls!”

Next, French went after Jared Tarlow.

He commented, “Lol. This is so illegal. Good god.”

In another comment he wrote, “This has NOTHING to do w privilege. It is illegal to hire people based on race. Period.”

She then tweeted his Facebook profile.

Next was Jonathann Launer.

Launer responded to Handy’s initial request writing, “What a f***ing racist!”

He then added, “I only respond to a person who only wants an editor of a specific color. That is complete horse shit. And I would have the same opinion if someone specifically asked for a white editor.”

In another comment he added, “WTF are you talking about? You have NO idea who you are talking to. I want equality based on skill level, and I’m a racist?” He added, “B**** please! I happen to have 2 amazing black men on my crew that I use ALL the time. I use them because they are great, NOT because they are black or white or green. Check yourself.”

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She would then go after Jon Budd and Simon Hutchins.

Next were David Beerman and Antonio CT.

She then targeted Jeff Samet.

She then declared all of these comments “racism, trolling, agitation & intimidation from privileged white editors towards black editors.”

She then continued to target individuals with Marc Fisher next on her list.

Lastly she targeted Jerry Hess.

In response to this thread New Gods director Ava Duvernay threatened the individuals French had targeted and one would have to assume other white men who might apply for a job under her.

She wrote, “Everyone has the right to their opinion. And we – Black producers with hiring power – have the right to not hire those who diminish us.”

“So, to the white men in this thread… if you don’t get that job you were up for, kindly remember… bias can go both ways. This is 2020 speaking,” she added.

What do you make of DuVernay’s comments?

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