With The Batman resuming production, Robert Pattinson is back in workout mode and clearing up concerns about his routine.

Pattinson interviewed with Healthy For Men magazine and talked about his exercise regimen, diet, the challenge and physical nature of playing a superhero, and other things.

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At the gym, Pattinson is targeting his abs with five-minute cardio, bicycle and double crunches, dumbbell side bends, and the ironically named “superman – with three sets of 25 reps per move.”

He also runs 5 to 10 km (or 3.1 to 6.21 miles) a week, something he was photographed doing. He also admitted to keeping up with running in his GQ interview and shared his paranoia over being arrested for violating quarantine rules.

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Long walks are part of his routine too, which he believes is good for “loosening up” and clearing the mind. He took up, additionally, military sandbag training on the beach and boxing.

This is a far cry from “barely doing anything” in his apartment while watching Batman & Robin and ignoring what his trainer and Warner Bros. told him to do.

As far as diet, Pattinson gave up on eating from the proverbial trash can and microwave pasta. His food prep for The Batman includes cutting out processed meat, fried food, and cutting back on alcohol to accelerate “his physical transformation.”

The Twilight star also addressed the pressure and challenge of taking up a superhero role in a popular franchise – a job he’s used to avoiding.

He discussed the physical aspects, and the rush of getting into shape, as well as learning and embodying a character, saying:

“In every project I’ve ever taken on, I’ve come into it wanting to learn and achieve new things. That’s usually in the embodiment of a character, and someone who has a different personality to me; but taking on a full physical transformation as well feels even more exciting.”

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He then touched on the nerves and hesitation that comes with portraying a comic character in a major adaptation and name-dropped a few big names in the process. Pattinson also revealed he’s spoken to some of them about the jitters and insecurity when receiving the call:

“Any actor will go through periods where they’ll hesitate and question whether they can live up to a character in a script, or the expectations that go with it… You look at the true warriors of the superhero genre — Hemsworth, The Rock, Downey Jr, Evans — and wonder if you’re putting yourself in the wrong place. And yet, having spoken to a few, I know everyone is nervous when the opportunity comes about.”

He continued:

“It’s all about pushing boundaries and building up to a point where you know you can do justice to the physicality required. And past that, so much of it is letting the special effects and on-screen exchanges produce the real magic.”

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Pattinson doesn’t think he’s “afraid of failure.” Rather, he is “ambitious” about the roles he chooses, in his words. But, he does cop to running “from anything with a physical edge” not long ago.

The actor claims that’s due to attending “arty and inspiring” schools in his youth and being swayed more by creative arts than sports. Presently, he’s undergone a 180, he stated:

“It feels as if I’m going full circle and picking up on some of that physicality and strength along the way. I ignored it back then but it’s coming back into a lot of film projects these days. Perhaps I should have listened more in PE!”

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There’s been sizable fear – as well as some cringing – over Pattinson’s physique and how him playing the Caped Crusader will turn out. Concern hasn’t been assuaged by his erratic behavior. People are sure to call him out or mildly comment and in public, no less.

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He told Healthy magazine he “doesn’t worry about that stuff” anymore and considers it a welcome challenge. Said Pattinson:

“I’m used to getting stopped and commented on, so it doesn’t really faze me either way. The fact is, I live in London and can go around pretty easily, even when I’m exercising outdoors. For the most part I get left alone.”

Pattinson added people who approach him now are generally polite and he doesn’t deal with Twilight’s “frantic” fanbase. He credits a change in celebrity culture, a decline in paparazzi, and a downturn in sales of gossip magazines over the last few years. Instagram had a lot to do with that, in his mind.

“I’m done worry about it, to be honest,” Pattinson concluded.

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