The official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter handle issued an apology for sharing a tweet encouraging their followers to download an image of a statue of Captain America in Heroes Park.

Earlier this week as reported by One Angry Gamer, Marvel’s Avengers published a tweet reading, “Heroes Park once celebrated the Avengers, but has since been defaced.”

The tweet continues, “Despite the AIM drones that surveil the area, there are still people who believe and pay their respects to Captain America.”

They then shared the image and encouraged their followers to download it, “Download this video conference background here.”

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The tweet would be pounced on by a rabid Twitter mob.

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After being bombarded by the Twitter mob, Marvel’s Avengers deleted their tweet and then issued an apology.


They wrote, “We’ve heard your response to our recent post and agree that now was not the appropriate time to share this content from our game.”

They added, “We apologize for being insensitive.”

It’s unclear what is insensitive about the tweet. Marvel’s Avengers does not give an explanation.

YouTuber Az from Heel vs Babyface described Marvel’s Avengers actions as “stupid people doing stupid things.”

What do you make of Marvel’s Avengers deleting their Captain America statue tweet? Did you think the tweet was insensitive?

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