DC Universe Original Harley Quinn Turned Commissioner Gordon Into a Human Trash Fire

Gotham’s normally valiant Police Commissioner James Gordon was turned into an incompetent, effete, and depressed alcoholic in season 1 of Harley Quinn. In season 2 he went nuclear.

Jim Gordon (voiced by Christopher Meloni) became, in CBR’s words, “Gotham’s worst criminal.” And in the season finale, he went totally over the edge and did things your standard Bat-Family ally wouldn’t dream.


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The finale (Episode 13, “The Runaway Bridesmaid”) revealed Gordon has underhanded motivations in everything he does. Upset over not receiving a key to the city from Gotham’s Mayor, despite doing effectively little to save the city from Dr. Psycho and getting people killed, he laid bare all to Two-Face.

Gordon cops (pun intended) to every observation a locked-up Harvey Dent makes. The Commissioner wants celebrity and the spotlight. Batman, justice, and the peace of the city are pawns in his sick game for fame. He’s far from selfless.

So Dent fills him in on Poison Ivy’s impending nuptials to Kite Man and Gordon hatches a scheme to infiltrate and capture all of Gotham’s criminals at once.

Bringing press and cameras with him, he thinks such a bust will put him back in the people’s graces and make him mayoral material. Gordon even knocks out and replaces the minister officiating the ceremony.

Gordon-Hand-Harley Quinn

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Two-Face naturally plays both sides and lets Harley know what the commish is up to. The operation goes south and everyone is killed in short order – the same result as when Gordon tried to raise an army against Parademons.

We don’t know what season 3, if there is one, holds for Jim Gordon but his political aspirations have to be dashed.

Throughout the two-season run of Harley Quinn, those who tuned in were treated to Gordon tearfully seeking Batman’s validation, squirting mayo into his booze, and prancing around in his underwear in Barbara’s dorm, where he was crashing amidst a messy divorce and the collapse of the Police Department.

Commissioner Gordon was reduced to the caricature of a “toxic male” stereotype. This is the kind of thing the media and the people responsible for content like Harley Quinn want in an age where some cry for defunding the police.

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