Artist Sakimi-Chan recently shared a steamy “Killer Bee” swimsuit pinup of Street Fighter’s Cammy.

Cammy White also known as Killer Bee has become a staple of the Street Fighter franchise since she first debuted in Super Street Fighter II.

Cammy was the second female fighter introduced in the series. She was originally a clone assassin that worked for Shadaloo. However, she would break and join the British intelligence agency MI6.

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Cammy’s original appearance, which has come to be called Delta Red Cammy, sees her wearing a green leotard with a Delta Red triangle on either her left or right breast. She also wears red combat gloves, green combat boots with red socks, and a red beret.

Cammy also has a Killer Bee look, which debuted in 1996 with X-Men vs Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.

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In this look Cammy wears a blue leotard with a yellow tie at the neck. She has a blue garrison cap, brown boots, and red gloves. Her exposed legs also featured blue lightning bolts.

It’s this Killer Bee look that inspires Sakimi-Chan’s most recent swimsuit pinup.

Sakimi-Chan first teased the pinup with a work in progress on July 4th.

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She then shared a completed version on July 10th and noted she has a video process as well as an animated version available to view her on Patreon.

Here’s a better look.

Cammy is not the only Street Fighter character that Sakimi-Chan has depicted in a swimsuit.

Back in May 2018, Sakimi-Chan showed off a Street Fighter and Overwatch swimsuit crossover featuring Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter and Sombra from Overwatch.

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Here’s a better look.

What do you make of Sakimi-Chan’s Cammy swimsuit pinup?

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