Artist and YouTube personality That Star Wars Girl aka Anna claims CBS blocked her reaction video to the recently released Star Trek: Lower Decks trailer.

That Star Wars Girl (TSWG) reported ViacomCBS’ actions in a follow-up video where she stated, “Even with all the precautions I took, it still got blocked. CBS blocked my video worldwide right before I was about to premiere it.”

She elaborated, “I got a little email after everything was done, everything was good. The video had uploaded. It had processed. It had sat there for a good half an hour.”

Star Trek Lower Decks

She then went to recount how she premieres a video and YouTube’s notification process for videos set to premiere. She goes on to detail she was still working on her thumbnail for the video when she received an email.

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She explains, “Then I realized I got my email saying that my video was blocked worldwide. Now, this is not the first time CBS has done this to me. I’m also not the only person that CBS does this to.”

She describes that CBS had previously targeted her channel for a reaction video she did for Star Trek: Picard.

TSWG explained, “I believe this was months and months ago, I was doing a reaction or something to Picard, to one of the Picard trailers, and I was on my way to LA Comic Con, and I was painted in all pink because I was cosplaying as a character. I was commenting in the chat for everyone that was waiting for the premiere to start. The countdown happened and that at the end of the countdown it said blocked by CBS or blocked worldwide.”

She goes on to state, “CBS has been really shady about the way that it does things. And they wait for certain times. ‘Cause what will happen a bot will go through and it will see if it can hear certain audio. And that’s what will get you first is the audio.”

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Later in the video she details that the video had been uploaded to YouTube for 50 minutes before she got the email that informed her the video was blocked worldwide.

She did indicate that she appealed the email. “I did appeal it,” Anna stated.

She later stated, “I filed my dispute saying that ‘Hey guess what this does fall under fair use.’ You guys like to change the goal posts whenever works for you.”

“You follow all those rules and guess what? You still get in trouble because they are constantly moving the goal posts. You follow the rules of fair use, guess what? Your videos get blocked worldwide. You get struck. Even for following the rules. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The entire hypocrisy that is YouTube and that the way it runs,” she continued.

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She then claimed that CBS went after her because they are afraid of any negative feedback, “The way that CBS really, really, really abuses the system time and time again. It just shows that they are absolutely just scared shitless because they can’t take any form of criticism.”

She continued, “When I was filming my reaction review video, the likes and dislikes were still available to see. The comments were still on. As of ,I believe like 8 PM, my time, Pacific Standard Time, yesterday they turned off the likes to dislikes. You can still like and dislike it, it just doesn’t show the number. And they turned off the comments, so you can no longer comment.”

Anna would upload another video titled “Honest Breakdown of Star Trek Lower Decks Trailer” where she explained that CBS denied her appeal.

She stated, “And if you haven’t checked out my video that released yesterday about how CBS blocked my video worldwide it still currently under that block. I filed a dispute and they denied it within 45 minutes. Totally a human looked at that right?”

What do you make of That Star Wars Girls’ accusations against ViacomCBS in response to her Star Trek: Lower Decks reaction video?

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