David Ayer Appears To Support “Ship” of Deadshot and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Director David Ayer didn’t get everything he wanted in the Suicide Squad. Many of his ideas were struck for the theatrical release and he’s been clear that cut didn’t represent his vision.

Ayer had different conceptualizations and arcs in mind for The Joker and Enchantress, for example. Harley Quinn as played by Margot Robbie would’ve been slightly different too but so would her interactions with teammate Deadshot (Will Smith).

Suicide Squad

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In an online theory, which Ayer seemed to confirm last week, Harley hooked up with Floyd Lawton shortly before Joker attacked the Squad in a surprise assault to reclaim his girl.

This had to happen off-screen, depending on the version one might think of first. Many believe a love triangle consisting of the three parties was cut from the film and may exist in the fabled Ayer Cut.

When asked on Twitter, Ayer gave a thumbs up to the theory there is a “ship” occurring – possibly in both versions.

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It corresponds with comics and DC Animation. Deadshot has been by Harley’s side when she pulls off an elaborate scheme or act of terror to impress The Joker (not that he cares).

And in Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014), Harley hooked up with Floyd after they were recruited by Amanda Waller to get back at Mr. J. Seemingly, it worked. Joker showed signs of jealousy and aimed to get even with “new guy” Lawton near the climax.

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What do you make of Ayer’s response? Do you think this is confirmation? Or he’s just being polite towards fan speculation?

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