Suicide Squad: David Ayer Reveals New Details About a Key Scene with Joker & Harley Quinn

David Ayer cleared up another detail about his vastly different cut of Suicide Squad. For a start, it had more Joker and Harley Quinn to offer, and second, a pivotal scene – the chopper rescue – would’ve been different.

Ayer addressed a rumor Joker was going to push Harley out of the heavy-duty copter when it came under fire. A DC fan and YouTuber asked him on Twitter if there was any “truth to that.”

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Ayer answered in the affirmative, meaning Joker does what he normally does with Harley, it seems, but only at first.

There is a caveat; Harl’s Puddin’ wasn’t trying to kill her. Ayer confirmed this in a follow-up tweet.

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So we can relax, it’s not a Mad Love scenario on our hands despite the recurring ups and downs of their toxic relationship. Harley and Joker encapsulate what is meant by the phrase “Bad Romance.”

In the version of Suicide Squad we know, the scene plays out with Joker rescuing Harley and disarming her implant. They take off in the chopper and Deadshot “misses” Harley after Waller orders him to shoot her. The chopper is then intercepted and blown up by a missile.

It looks more like Joker’s grip on Harley slips before she falls, landing safely on a rooftop but judge for yourself.

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Joker as played by Jared Leto and directed by Ayer, make no mistake, is cold-blooded, and vengeful. However, Ayer apparently imagines Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime as more chivalrous in a slight departure.

Every other time Joker pushes Harley out of an aircraft he does so as a diversion with little care for her safety. This happens a few times in the DC Universe Original Harley Quinn cartoon.

Other times he does it as a punishment – as in Mad Love mentioned up above. In any case, he makes an excuse to get her crawling back when Harley inevitably survives.

Whatever Joker’s true intentions, they are concealed in the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad which exists in some form. As it is, it’s unreleased.

Seeing the success of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign, fans are pushing for Ayer’s Suicide Squad to be released through similar means.

Ayer agrees his vision should be realized and he hopes Warner Bros. will give him the green light.

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The parent company of WB, AT&T, may be listening with all the responses they’ve made on Twitter to calls for the Ayer Cut’s release.

AT&T could strictly be toying with fans through social media, having no intention of putting anything out there. Who knows? To that end, Zack Snyder’s Justice League might be the deciding factor that moves the needle, if successful.

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