A new rumor reveals new details about the alleged George Lucas cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

An alleged George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker was rumored to exist back in December before the release of the film.

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That initial rumor came from YouTuber Doomcock and reportedly contained, “30 or so minutes of additional footage and contain[ed] a brilliant idea from the mind of George Lucas, a secret Skywalker.”

Now, Doomcock is following up on that initial rumor with more details about this alleged George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker.

He begins the video by reiterating his previous rumor noting that the Lucas cut version of the film performed better than other versions in test screenings.

Doomcock explains, “The Lucas version of The Rise of Skywalker, according to a source, the very best version of the film in terms of test screening reaction. Scoring an 88 from test audiences as opposed to other cuts that scored in the 60s to low 70s.”

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He continued, “The allegation at the time was that not only did Lucas recut the film, he also shot a good amount of new footage in a last ditch hope to save a floundering Episode IX and provide a decent ending to the Star Wars saga.”

Doomcock then gets into the new details he has heard from his sources. However, he does preface this information saying, “Please bear in mind that what you are about to hear is information that has been leaked by sources inside Lucasfilm or Disney. Information that I cannot independently verify or attest to. So understand that I am only reporting the fact that I have been told this information. Regard this information as rumor and take it with a grain of salt.”

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He then details how the information about the George Lucas cut came his way, explaining that four individuals recently saw a screening of the cut at Skywalker Ranch.

Later in the video he gets into the new details surrounding the George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker.

He states, “My source was directly informed by a source with first hand knowledge that the Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker is about 40% different from the version we saw. With about 50 minutes that are revised or replaced.”

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He continues, “This individual had in their possessions several screen shots taken from the Lucas cut. And they showed them to my source to back up their claims. I have details of two scenes that were in the Lucas cut and not in the theatrical release and one of them will likely break your heart.”

Doomcock explains, “The first scene occurs after Rey thinks she has killed Chewbacca in a struggle with Kylo Ren. Rey is alone on the Falcon struggling with feelings of shame as anger threatens to lead her to the Dark Side. And she asks out loud, ‘Why is this so hard.'”

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“Suddenly, even though she is alone, she hears the reply, ‘Life is a struggle. But in the struggle we become better.’ Rey looks up and sees Anakin Skywalker standing right beside her. He is a Force ghost. And my source was personally shown a screen shot of Anakin and Rey together on the Falcon,” he details.

He continues, “In this scene, Anakin reveals to Rey how the Emperor survived in Return of the Jedi. And reveals information regarding the Veil of the Force and the Emperor’s Sith mirrors that allow him to access the Veil’s powers.”

Doomcock then begins to describe the second scene hinting that “this next bit is going to make you mad.”

Doomcock elaborates, “The second scene that was revealed to my source happened when Kylo Ren got the vision of Han Solo sent by Leia to try and steer him away from the Dark Side. In the Lucas cut when Kylo speaks to Han, he is joined by Leia, who Force projects herself into the scene. And then two of them are joined by none other than Luke Skywalker.

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He continues, “This is what ultimately kills Leia. Force projecting herself and Han to try and save their son. And the result of this scene is finally at the end, fans would have seen Han, Luke, and Leia reunited one last time.”

Doomcock adds, “I can tell you that my source personally saw another screenshot of this scene. A photo of Leia on the left. Han in the center. And Luke on the right.”

Finally, he concludes, “My source claims someone who worked on The Rise of Skywalker has confirmed that this scene was indeed in the Lucas cut. The one thing fans were clamoring for.”

What do you make of these new details about the alleged Lucas cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?