Shi Creator Billy Tucci Tells “Neo Code SJWs” To Go To Hell

Shi creator and Miss Fury writer Billy Tucci took to Twitter to tell the “Neo Code SJWs” to go to hell.

Tucci wrote, “I told the Comics Code Authority to go to hell back in ’94 and today I say the same to the cancerous NEO CODE SJWs.”

He added, “They are ticks upon our industry who have doxed me and threatened my family. So much so the FBI took it serious to come to our house. And over what?”

In a subsequent tweet Tucci added, “You will never find me saying a bad thing about anyone in comics.”

He then stated, “I will NEVER bend a knee to your cancel culture fascism or attempted gatekeeping. I’m an Indy comics creator & you don’t matter enough to ever cancel me.”

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Tucci wrote, “I am #shistrong & #furystrong

Tucci continued in another tweet, “I told the Comics Code Authority to go f*** themselves in ’94 and now I say it to these cancerous NEO CODE SJWs. I’m Billy F***** Tucci and I’m here to entertain. If you agree, please follow me. #TallyHo

Still in another tweet, Tucci wrote, “Remember this is a business. You make a business decision and commitment, you stick by it come hell or high water.”

He added ,”That said, #Shi: Return of the Warrior fulfillment has begun & our #nofanleftbehind campaign is approaching $185K! Back it!”

Tucci’s comments come a day after Dynamite Entertainment announced they were canceling their Vengeance of Vampirella #1 variant cover campaign for “Cecil’s Big Cover.”

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It also comes about two weeks after Renfamous posted screenshots to Twitter of Tucci appearing on livestreams with Ethan Van Sciver.

Renfamous wrote, “These are screenshots of Comicsgate creators on Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube channel on 7/1/20.”

She continued, “Appearing alongside EVS are Billy Tucci, Art Thibert, and DC’s Shane Davis.”

“Also pictured: a congratulatory superchat that appears to have been sent by Dynamite founder Nick Barrucci,” she added.

More recently she would insinuate that Tucci is part of a hate group.

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Nevertheless, Tucci appears to be staying quite busy. As he noted he’s currently funding Shi: Return of the Warrior on IndieGoGo. The project has currently raised $114,848 and is currently funding through in-demand at the moment.

Not only does he have Shi: Return of the Warrior, but he also has the Dynamite Entertainment campaign running for his Miss Fury graphic novel with Maria Luara Sanapo. That campaign has currently raised $86,845.

He will also be doing a variant cover for Expendables Go To Hell.

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Finally, he’s got a number of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives up for sale on his personal store.

Take a look at all of the exclusives below:

Shi/Cyblade 25th Anniversary SDCC Exclusive

Shi #1 25th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Edition

Original 1995 Cover artwork for Shi/Cyblade featuring Cerebus

Shi-Rough Cut Print

Shi/Cyblade: 25th Anniversary SDCC Exclusive Print


Silver Anniversary Edition Book for Shi-Way of The Warrior #1

What do you make of Billy Tucci’s comments on “Neo Code SJWs?” Do you plan on supporting his Miss Fury or Shi IndieGoGo’s? What about his San Diego Comic Con exclusives? Which one is your favorite?

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