Report: Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Show Will Feature Galadriel, Elrond, and Sauron

A new report details that Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings show will feature classic Tolkien characters including Galadriel, Elrond, and Sauron.

The report comes from The One Ring as part of their San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Not only did they report that the show will feature Galadriel, Elrond, and Sauron, but they indicate that the show, led by director J.A. Bayona, has resumed production and filming in New Zealand.

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The One Ring reports, “Lord of the Rings SDCC: JA Bayona is CURRENTLY filming in New Zealand, the biggest production in the world to resume filming post-COVID.”

They add, “New NZ cast added, More NZ crew than any production ever, Galadriel, Elrond & Sauron confirmed, and cast has a tighter than bond ever.”


They would also add that Bayona, who was originally reported to only be directing the first two episodes, might direct the entire first two seasons.

Bayona did update his Instagram revealing he recently arrived in Auckland, New Zealand.

This recent report comes after The One Ring hosted their very own San Diego Comic-Con panel where host Cathy Udvoch speculated that the show could follow three different storylines.

First, she stated, “As far as storylines, I’m still fond of the Fall of Númenor, but obviously we have to have Sauron meddling in peoples’ lives in Númenor for that to fall, for them to happen.”

She continued, “So, obviously the building of the rings, for me is the story I feel…Either the forging of the rings or the temptation and the fall of Númenor is the story we’re going to end up getting, I think.”

Co-host Cliff Broadway would add, “I would think so too. Since the Second Age goes across so many, many thousands of years. Perhaps they’ll do some shuffling of the timeline, and we’ll get some flashbacks that will tell us about the establishment of Númenor.”

He then stated, “But my instincts are telling me they are going to go right towards the end of that era with Annatar appearing, his relationship with Celebrimbor, the elves in Harlond and their robust relationship with the Dwarves of Moria at the time.”

He continued, “I believe we will learn a lot more about Galadriel, Celeborn, and Gil-galad. Characters we have never seen. We see Gil-galad for maybe three or four seconds in The Fellowship of the Ring and his spear Aeglos.”

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Broadway goes on to then speculate that the reason why many of the cast members are seen reading the Silmarillion is that they are doing it for research on the Akallabêth, which is the fourth part of the Silmarillion and the primary account of the downfall of Númenor.

John Garth would concur with Broadway, “Well it is the only thing that would be relevant unless you were going to dig even further into the First Age.”

The One Ring had previously reported back in May that the Lord of the Rings series would be on hiatus until October.

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They stated, “Amazon is putting Lord of the Rings on hold for now… The latest we’ve heard Amazon has paused production until October.”

“They were in the middle of that test pilot. I believe they hadn’t even shot half of it. So less than half of the test pilot was shot when quarantine happened. And now that we are at the end of May and quarantine has just been lifted, Amazon has decided, ‘We are just going to pause production. We are not going to resume it immediately,” they elaborated.

While they indicated that the show would be going on hiatus, they did state that work was not stopping as the first season was being rewritten and that they were also working on Season 2.

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They stated, “The writers are writing. Season 2. The expectation is that they are also rewriting Season 1.”

They added, “The anticipation is that they are rewriting and reworking everything from Season 1 at the same time as Season 2. And this tells everyone, another remind about how the young Aragorn concept was in place and then it changed.”

A previous report from Deadline at the beginning of May indicated that Amazon had originally planned to put production on hiatus for four to five month after filming the first two episodes.

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They noted that Amazon decided to segue their shut down into coronavirus shut downs that forced the stoppage of the production. What was different about their report is that they detailed that the “bulk of shooting” for the first two episodes were completed.

What do you make of this recent report from The One Ring? Are you interested in seeing Galadriel, Sauron, and Elrond return for the Lord of the Rings series? What role do you think they will play? Do you think the show will explore the fall of Númenor?

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