Scott Snyder announced, after 10 years, he wants to shift his focus away from superheroes and concentrate on his stuff beyond Dark Nights: Death Metal.

The writer told Games Radar¬†he hasn’t tired of capes but needs a break to finish some projects. He wishes to step aside for other people to have a shot at “the big stuff.”

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Scott Snyder

“I’m not leaving superheroes, but I need to start working on more of my own stuff,” he said. “I’m still doing stuff at DC, but definitely not as much.”

“I want to give other people a chance with the big stuff at DC,” Snyder added. “And to be perfectly frank, there’s a lot I want to do outside of superhero comics.”

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His renowned workload of DC books has encompassed five years on Batman and two years on Justice League. He penned event books Dark Nights: Metal, Dark Nights: Death Metal, and co-created The Batman Who Laughs with Greg Capullo.


Batman Who Laughs

He talked about his plans, collaborations with Capullo as well as others, and how he will “cap off” the decade. “Rafael Albuquerque, Greg Capullo, and I are going to be doing more stuff together.”

“Death Metal and¬†American Vampire: 1976 are a neat way to cap off my previous decade at DC,” Snyder continued. “But I’ll be doing more work with them after this, as well as with Jock and some other people from my time at DC; Becky Cloonan, to name another.”

Jock – British artist Mark Simpson (2000 AD, The Losers) – Snyder, and Francesco Francavilla worked together on the 2011 Detective Comics story The Black Mirror.

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Snyder teased a comeback to the world of his graphic novel Wytches with Jock and a creator-owned project with Francavilla. Plus Image, the biggest publisher for creator-owned comics, is home to a series of Snyder says he wants to focus on, Undiscovered Country.

Dark Nights: Metal #1

Addressing his career thus far and future aspirations, Snyder said he’s grateful for the support of his peers,but added he wants “to do more things like Batman: Last Knight on Earth” which “don’t take oxygen from the [mainline].”

“I’ve had such amazing support,” he said. “Getting to write Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, all of the DCU.”

Batman Last Knight

Continuing, he further clarified: “I mean I do have things I want to do at DC still, but I want to move away from doing something so central to the main continuity of DC.”

Games Radar also reported Snyder “hopes to resume the DC Writers Workshop initiative he taught from 2015 through 2018” and build the next generation of writers at the company.

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