For both Batman and those within the Bat-Family, there are so many interpretations and redesigns that it’s easy to lose count; especially if you’re a fan of Elseworlds.

Now, thanks to Dan Mora of BOOM! Studios we’re getting an out of this world look at Power Rangers Batman!

Dan Mora has been sharing his work on both Instagram and Twitter, and they are quite remarkable. Below are some examples.

First is what he describes as “Sentai Batman” and Kamen “or ultrabatman,” adding “it’s a weird” Batman.

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Judge for yourself:

For fans of the Superman Elseworlds runs, this is reminiscent of the costume he wore in the Superman: Speeding Bullets Elseworlds one-shot by JM DeMatteis and Eduardo Barreto.

It also has elements of the Knightquest suit worn by Jean-Paul Valley.

Next up is Mora’s “Kamen-ranger.” It’s a Robin redesign that I could see making it into the comics with or without the Power Rangers connection.

Check it out:

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Next, we’re treated to a redesign of Nightwing. You can see that he received a Tokusatsu tinge with an armor that pays tribute, most especially, to the first and most recent Mighty Morphin’ movies.

Have a look:

Dick Grayson’s Ranger outfit would also fit in okay in the comics as-is, nary an explanation needed.

Out of everyone, Red Hood underwent the fewest changes except for maybe the blaster, the holsters, and the trenchcoat-like cape. Upon closer inspection, it looks like something out of Trigun or Cowboy Bebop.

See for yourself:

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This isn’t Mora’s first go at redesigning the costumes of some major heroes. Previously he did MMPR redesigns of Spider-Man characters and Ninja Turtles.

He also revealed his “sentai Wolverine.”

It seems that his Batman redesigns are garnering some serious attention. DC editor Ben Abernathy took notice and tweeted Mora his interest in making Bat-Family Power Rangers a reality.

Ben Abernathy Tweeting Dan Mora

Mora seemed excited as he replied with mindblown emojis.

Fans in the thread appear to back the pitch; which isn’t without precedent. The Justice League and MMPR crossed over in 2017 to battle the might of Lord Zedd and Brainiac in Power Rangers/Justice League by Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne.

Dan Mora drew Go Go Power Rangers and the Ranger Slayer one-shot for BOOM! His other work includes Klaus, Buffyverse comics, and his co-creation (with Kieron Gillen) Once and Future.

What do you think of Mora’s Power Ranger inspired redesigns? Would you buy Batman again if they made a series out of them? Sound off below.