We know very little about the plot and supporting cast of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. And, according to the director, leaks that have been seen on Reddit and 4chan are not credible.

The reputation of either forum notwithstanding, there are fortunately more reliable sites we can consult that can give us better insight. For example, browsing the cast list on IMDB tells you a few things often reported as a “rumor” that are plausible.

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For instance, it says James’ brother Sean is playing “John Monroe” whose code name is “Weasel.”


Some background: Monroe was a Firestorm villain who later was incarcerated at Belle Reve.

In Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1, he was later recruited into the Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller saw his bloodthirstiness as an asset.

He would later participate in a mission to rescue Hawk and later died on a suicide mission assigned by Amanda Waller.


Scroll a little further and you’ll find another confirmation. German comedian Flula Borg plays the Deutsch criminal, and sometimes enemy of the Green Lantern, Javelin.


After his stint against Green Lantern, the villain found himself in prison for his crimes. He would agree to join the Suicide Squad in exchange for an acquittal. He first joined the Squad in Deadshot #4 & 5.

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Pole weapons being his claim to fame, if the set video is to be believed, Harley Quinn picks up his baton after the Squad sets foot in South America, which means Javelin bites the dust early.

Ratcatcher and Soldado

Anyway, scroll more and, underneath where Daniela Melchior is listed as Ratcatcher, here you will stumble upon an intriguing nugget that could mean greater implications for the story.

Listed is an actress named Marisol Correa playing a character dubbed “Soldado.”

The name has appeared in comics before – in four issues of Richard Dragon written by Chuck Dixon (#7-10, 2005).

In that series he was a man, if the IMDB casting page is accurate Gunn’s version of Soldado will be gender swapped.


Soldado in Richard Dragon.

Looking more closely, you’ll see a handful of other actors play Soldado soldiers.

This could mean she leads a militia staging a coup or an honor guard serving the regime of Corto Maltese, where The Suicide Squad is said to take place.

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In one more interesting twist, a Google search of “Soldado” brings up a different character with a Suicide Squad connection, Unknown Soldier.

Soldado is Spanish for soldier and could be a way of trying to keep the character’s identity a secret.

Unknown Soldier

Making sporadic appearances since the 60s, Unknown Soldier was reinvented in The New 52 as a member of the Suicide Squad and future leader of the group.

Gunn may borrow pieces from Unknown Soldier and inject them into his Soldado, giving her an arc that positions her as a replacement for Rick Flag or as a continuing ally to the team.

Marisol Correa

Marisol Correa

Marisol Correa is known for small – usually uncredited – roles in big productions from Captain America: Civil War to Fear the Walking Dead in which she played an unnamed part referred to as “Oceanside Female,” a member of a militia, for three seasons.

Marisol in Something_They_Need-FTWD

Marisol Correa as “Oceanside Female” in Fear The Walking Dead.

With all that said, Correa could see her big break in The Suicide Squad. If Soldado is a speaking role and the theory above holds, it won’t be a small one either.

Be advised this is independent speculation and can’t be confirmed or disproven at this point so, please, take it with a grain of salt.

The Suicide Squad is expected to come out, August 2021.