Nathan Fillion And James Gunn Address Suicide Squad Rumors As More Set Photos And Videos Leak!

When Nathan Fillion was cast in James Gunn’s quasi-sequel/reboot The Suicide Squad, rumors and guesses persisted the Castle actor was playing the odd and obscure Arm-Fall-Off Boy, despite leaked set photos showing otherwise.

Recently, Fillion himself debunked the speculation and admitted to SiriusXM he was playing along with the fans. He explained, “That was never a comic I really dived into, so, I really didn’t know who that was that they were talking about.”

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“It certainly wasn’t the name I was reading in the script,” he added. “So, I just said, ‘Yeah, yeah, go for it. Whatever you guys think is great.'”

He also admits keeping a lid on his real character and the production’s myriad of other secrets is tough when people keep guessing and get close to figuring the mystery out:

“It’s so secret. It’s so super-duper secret. So, I start to sweat a little bit when people start getting close to what I would consider something that’s actually accurate. I’m the worst liar.”

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Arm-Fall-Off Boy first appeared in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #46 and was created by Gerard Jones and Curt Swan. Possessing the power to remove his limbs and use them as weapons after exposure to anti-gravity metal Element 152, he tried out for the Legion of Superheroes but was rejected off-hand (pun intended).

We doubted Fillion was Arm-Fall-Off Boy ever since the set photos that made it to social media showed him hanging out in costume with other cast members.

Pictured with Flula Borg, Jai Courtney, and Pete Davidson, Fillion is dressed in a suit that kind of resembles the Booster Gold villain Blackguard. But that’s only another theory on our part.


Kevin Smith discussed on his Fatman Beyond podcast his hope Fillion might play Batman or Green Lantern. Judging by the costume in the pictures, they can be ruled out too.

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Confirmed Cast

We have a good idea of what characters will be in The Suicide Squad. It’s been reported for several months David Dastmalchian plays Polka-Dot Man and unknown Daniela Melchior is Ratcatcher.

Now we have proof. Leaked footage and a new photo show them in action alongside Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Idris Elba – often pegged as playing Vigilante.

View them and the clearest glimpse yet at Polka-Dot Man’s costume below:

There’s also a clear look at Elba, allegedly as Vigilante. He appears to be armed with a gun or blaster which is very much Vigilante’s style.

Here’s Elba from a different angle walking around in a cape:

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Harley Frickin’ Quinn

As you can see, Robbie wears a red dress and other items more in line with Harley’s typical color scheme, unlike in the first Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. Below is a better look at her outfit accompanied by James Gunn.

In the footage, she is also holding a pole similar to the one Flula Borg carried in some of the leaked set photos. He is reportedly playing Javelin.

This could hint at a plot development. Members of Task Force X are notoriously expendable so Javelin might bite the dust early, resulting in Harley picking up his weapon.

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Harley was the breakout star of the 2016 Suicide Squad. It’s only natural she is back for the follow-up but Birds of Prey’s poor box office leads some to wonder how big of a role she plays in Gunn’s film.

He made it clear in an Instagram Q&A she is “a major part.”

Gunn also confirmed Nathan Fillion is not Arm-Fall-Off Boy so we really can lay the rumor to rest.

Who do you think Fillion plays? Better yet, do you believe he will last long? Tell us down below.

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