The latest scoop on James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad confirms much of what we already know but an extra theory has been added. (Related — The Suicide Squad: An Alleged Leaked Audition Sample May Reveal Plot Details)

Via “frequent scooper” Daniel RPK, Armin at Comic Book Cast says “the film is set in Panama.” Amanda Waller will send the Squad down there to retrieve “an alien monster locked inside an old prison.” The alien — or beast we have been telling you about — is being used by two dictators, The Mayor and The General, to intimidate enemies and hold onto power.

But what or who is the alien? Armin contends “the number one theory” is Martian Manhunter. If Martian Manhunter is in The Suicide Squad, that would make the development of his solo film much easier and could mean shared continuity in the DCEU is not dead, after all. J’onn J’onnz has to figure in if Warner Bros. decides to rebuild the Justice League. (Related — Rumor: Martian Manhunter is in Development as a Feature )

While possible, that’s not what the information we gathered over the past several months indicates. Our reporting points instead to the White Martian M’gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian.

Exhibit A is an alleged leaked character description called for a slender female to play an alien. Plans always change and that call may apply to an early draft of the script, but Exhibit B is more telling: the casting of Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi’s role is unknown but the former Doctor Who revealed he is shaving his head and being fitted for prosthetics. Fans immediately theorized he is playing psionic Teen Titans bad guy Psimon. (Related — Theory: Doctor Who Actor Peter Capaldi To Play Psimon in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad)

Psimon has mind control powers and is known for tangling with Miss Martian on Young Justice. He could be The Mayor, The General, or simply who controls their beastly Martian superweapon.

Exhibit B is this tweet from actress Mayling Ng who responded to fan speculation that she could be playing the alien character. Ng said, “Sorry my lips are sealed. You just have to wait …and go see the movie.”

Gunn Control

James Gunn’s movie is being called a reboot but will act as a sequel to the first Suicide Squad film. The cast is, for the most part, the same. Still, Gunn’s look for Suicide Squad is expected to differ and fans, such as Armin of CBC, are rooting for him to make a quality follow-up.

That and they hope he keeps a clear distance between his work and the original directed by David Ayer. Social media activity by Gunn hints he has that objective in mind. His likes on Twitter contain a tweet defending the casting of Pete Davidson and approving of Gunn himself — why he might’ve liked the tweet in the first place — while ripping the first film to shreds.

What the tweet fails to consider is Suicide Squad was rife with studio interference. Heavy editing and reshoots spurred on by Warner Bros. caused the film to be drastically altered before release and the usually quiet David Ayer is tired of being hammered for an ultimate vision that wasn’t his.

Ayer took Twitter as well to vent his frustration.

Gunn replied with a hands-in-prayer emoji.

Ayer’s vision was drastically different, something he revealed last November. In a series of Twitter exchanges, he revealed during pre-production Steppenwolf was slated to be the villain in place of Enchantress’ brother Incubus. And the reanimated corpses started out as Parademons, plans changed by the evolution of Justice League’s plot. (Related: Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Reveals Who Was Originally Slated to be Main Villain)

What do you think of this new theory? Do you believe the alien beast is Martian Manhunter? Tell us below.

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