More behind-the-scenes photos of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad leaked online. This time, they offer a better look at megastar cast members and some idea who two of the more talked about stars are playing.

Just Jared released pictures of John Cena, Idris Elba, Viola Davis, and Daniela Melchior in a new collection. Filming took place at an Atlanta prison so Cena and Elba are wearing orange prison garb, proof positive they’ll be on Amanda Waller’s team.

Davis is back as Waller and no doubt recruiting. What recruits they play aren’t 100 percent confirmed, but Just Jared claims Elba is Vigilante and Cena is Peacemaker.

Peacemaker’s been the suspicion from the time Cena was first rumored for Gunn’s Suicide Squad. This revamped version is a crazed pacifist willing to attain peace at any cost. He is also said to like fast cars and motorcycles.

Last summer, Cena spoke about being in The Suicide Squad. Talking as if a deal wasn’t yet reached, he called “the opportunity” one he’d “be very grateful to take.”

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The theory of who Idris Elba is playing keeps changing. When negotiations began, outlets said he was taking over as Deadshot. That proved not to be the case and the rumor became Bronze Tiger. Recent chatter says he will be the gunslinger Vigilante but that’s not completely verified.

We strongly suspect his character has a daughter, to be played by Storm Reid. That provides some indication but fits Deadshot and Deathstroke more than Vigilante or Bronze Tiger. Elba may portray a reworked version of one of them.

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Daniela Melchior was also there but not wearing orange. She wore a white shirt and glasses and was seen using a lint roller.

We know she plays a revamped Ratcatcher but her place in the scene is unclear. Either she’s being recruited or already working with Waller. Could she be helping Waller find footsoldiers?

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James Gunn unveiled his full cast on social media a month ago, confirming a few rumored names. Among the ones substantiated were Cena, Nathan Fillion, Storm Reid, his brother Sean, and Michael Rooker. He warned us not to “get too attached” – a sign many of the names listed play someone exceedingly expendable.

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Just Jared shared a series of images earlier in the week that spotted Fillion in costume and hanging around with castmates Flula Borg, Mayling Ng, and Pete Davidson between takes. It appeared Fillion was playing Booster Gold villain Blackguard, Borg was Javelin, Davidson was Savant, and Ng looked a lot like Mongul’s daughter, Mongal.

Ng’s casting gives some indication about the plot, and parallels online spoilers about a physically fit female alien who might have something to do with a beast in a prison.

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The plot is under wraps but details will come out as The Suicide Squad moves through production. It’s currently filming in Georgia and will move to Panama for the next leg of filming.

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