Artist ADSouto shared multiple pinups of Goblin Slayer’s Cow Girl in various different outfits from an armored bikini to a cow skin patterned bikini, to her more traditional outfit seen in the manga and anime.

Cow Girl first appeared in the first volume of the Goblin Slayer light novel. She appeared in the third chapter of the first volume of the manga and in the second episode of the anime.

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She is the childhood friend of Goblin Slayer and a farm hand on her uncle’s farm. Her uncle took her in after her family was brutally slaughtered by goblins when she was young. She and Goblin Slayer were the only survivors of the attack.

Cow Girl was instrumental in convincing her uncle to allow Goblin Slayer to stay at the farm in between his adventures to slay and kill goblins.

She has feelings for Goblin Slayer and even convinced him to ask her out on a date despite Goblin Slayer already committing to a date with Guild Girl for the town’s Festival. During their date, which took place in the morning before Goblin Slayer’s date with Guild Girl, Goblin Slayer gifted Cow Girl a ring that he placed on her right ring finger.

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Cow Girl also attempted to tell Goblin Slayer that they were the first and true loves of each other using the blooming of fragrant olives. However, Goblin Slayer would reject this approach, but Cow Girl still believed they fit perfectly.

As for Cow Girl’s appearance she is typically seen with rose-colored eyes and red short hair. She typically wears a long-sleeved shirt with black overalls and a black belt that hangs around her waist. She also wears a pair of black work boots.Goblin Slayer

Her appearance does change over time. On the cover of Goblin Slayer Vol. 7 (light novel) she wears black pants with a brown belt and a piece of yellow cloth wrapped around her left leg.

She also ditches the long-sleeved shirt and appears to wear a corset with a black bodice. She also wears a choker around her neck.

Artist ADSouto would share multiple variants of his Cow Girl pinup to DeviantArt.

ADSouto captioned the pinups providing a brief overview of Cow Girl, “The childhood friend of Goblin Slayer (and has feelings for him), she lives and helps on her uncle’s farm as an excellent cow handler, also she is stronger than she appears.”

The first pinup shows Cow Girl in her more traditional dress. However, instead of black overalls, she’s got a pair of blue ones on. ADSouto also added in a fanny pack on Cow Girl’s belt and gave her a black choker around her neck.

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Next ADSouto shared a pinup of a Cow Girl in an armored bikini with a giant claymore and shield at her side.

Next, ADSouto shared a pinup of Cowgirl in some skimpy lingerie with black stockings covering her legs and black sleeves covering her arms. She also has a black flower in her hair.

Like the previous two pinups Cow Girl also features a black choker.

Finally, ADSouto shared a pinup that gives Cow Girl a very cow-like appearance. In her hair are a pair of horns. Her ears are also transformed to resemble the ears of a cow. She also has a cow tail.

The choker is replaced with a collar that has a cow bell attached to it.

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Cow Girl also wears a cow skinned bikini with cow skinned stockings and sleeves.

You can support ADSouto on Patreon, where the Spanish artists has multiple tiers for backers.

What do you make of ADSouto’s pinups of Goblin Slayer’s Cow Girl? Which one is your favorite?

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