The Batman co-writer Mattson Tomlin teased in a new interview Matt Reeves’ film will delve into the trauma and soul of Bruce Wayne.

Tomlin was talking with Den of Geek when he was pressed on the franchise picture, back in production. Unable to say much for contractual reasons, he did offer an idea of what’s at the heart of the story.

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He boiled it down to the emotional angle Reeves is associated with. “I think that Matt Reeves as a filmmaker, if you look at any of his work, whether or not it’s Let Me In or Cloverfield or the Planet of the Apes movies, he’s always coming from a point of emotion, it’s never the big action thing,” said Tomlin.

Reeves has admitted he’s all about that and the “humanist” slant he can explore or bring to a piece. “It’s always, what is this character’s soul?” Tomlin continued.

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He then highlighted the film will lean into Bruce’s trauma that forms him. “I think that really looking at Batman as somebody who has gone through this trauma, and then everything that he’s doing is then a reaction to that, rather than shy away from that, I think this film leans into that in some very fun and surprising ways,” Tomlin added.

He finished his thought by saying, “I think that’s all I can say without getting yelled at.”

Matt Reeves during "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" - Warner Bros.

Tomlin and Reeves’ script has been praised as clever and original by those who’ve seen it. A halt to shooting amid pandemic concerns has left many wondering what corners might be cut, especially with reports that filming moved indoors.

Tomlin allayed those concerns. “I mean, the movie is the movie, and I think that right now the plan is to just execute that vision,” he said to

“They were quite a ways into shooting as it was. And so it really is just how do you finish safely?” he added. “How do you make sure that everybody can show up for work and then go home and all be okay?”

Who can say for sure? We do know The Batman will follow Bruce Wayne in his second year as a hero, so still dealing with inexperience.

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And the trauma level may get turned up. Bruce could lose someone close in Reeves and Tomlin’s story, possibly Alfred, according to a rumor.

Mattson Tomlin is new to big-budget blockbusters and superheroes but his progress has the potential to continue with other DC characters and a Mega Man adaptation.

Tomlin’s latest project he wrote, Project Power, lands on Netflix this week. The Batman, meanwhile, looks to be staying on track to meeting its October 2021 release.