The Suicide Squad’s director James Gunn, having worked for both at the studio level, isn’t one who believes there’s a conflict between Marvel and DC, at least in the respective offices at the creative level.

He does indicate, however, he thinks the fandom stirs up a lot and recently had to defend remarks admitting as much.

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It all started when he posted on Instagram that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and producer Louis D’Esposito visited the set of The Suicide Squad, revealing Feige “was very cool and supportive” when told about Gunn’s new gig with Warner Bros.

“I told Kevin Feige before I took the job and he was very cool and supportive as he always is,” Gunn wrote. “He just wanted me to make a good movie.”

The reason for Gunn’s brief departure from Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is well-publicized.

His post continued, “He and Lou D’Esposito even came to visit the set and watched us shoot.”

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Michael Rooker and James Gunn

Then he commented on the “fan community,” writing “There isn’t the enmity behind the scenes like there is in the fan community.”

There was pushback from author and critic Jacob Airey who took offense to Gunn’s comment and called him out on Twitter.

Uh, the only enmity, @JamesGunn, is when you insult the fans like this,” Airey tweeted.

He took a shot at the “dwindling” audience for comics adding, “Sure, there are a few weirdos and trolls, but you big whigs [are] why your audience is dwindling.”

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James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy

Gunn took exception to Airey’s words and shot back. “I didn’t insult the fans. I AM a fan,” the filmmaker declared.

He also clarified his opinion of the fandom, adding, “And I think by far the majority of folks in the fan community are accepting, cool people.”

Saying that, he still doubled down on his view the community suffers from some “fractiousness.”

“But to say there isn’t a lot of unnecessary fractiousness between some Marvel & DC fans would be denial, ignorance, or dishonesty,” he said.

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Their debate continued at length in a new thread with accusations of spin and misquoting being flung back and forth.

Gunn took the time to interact with replies in his previous thread as well. Asked why Warner Bros. would allow Marvel people on set, he responded they were cool with it since everybody knows everybody.

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Everyone has a preference for either Marvel or DC even if they read both, and are free to. Others, conversely, are unhappy with both companies due to the content they lean toward these days.

Gunn, for his part, has stated the Marvel/DC “war” doesn’t really exist, though it gets people talking.

The Suicide Squad opens in theaters, hopefully, August 6th, 2021.

Let us know if you’ll go see it and what you think of Gunn’s judgment on the “fan community.”

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