Koei Tecmo Reveals Summer Fashion Costumes, New Gameplay, and Character Details For Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy

Atelier Ryza

Koei Tecmo America and developer GUST Studios recently revealed their Summer Fashion Costumes and new details about the ancient ruins in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

As previously revealed, the sequel will see Ryza set out on a quest to explore the mysterious ruins around the Royal Capital in order to discover the secrets of the ancient legends of the land.

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These ruins will feature a number of puzzles that players will have to overcome.

Not only will the ruins offer these unique puzzles, but discoveries made in the ruins will unlock new field actions like the ability to ride monsters across the land and alchemy recipes that help Ryza on her quest.

While exploring the ruins Ryza will have to rely on her companions and her exploration skills to not only discover the ruins, but also to investigate them.

Aiding her in this discovery and investigation will be Ryza’s Exploration Diary. Koei Tecmo explains that the Diary “will be pivotal when venturing throughout the various ruins, as it organizes all of the player’s discoveries, allowing them to form their own theories and solve every mystery they encounter.”

As players explore the ruins and collect ‘Ruin Fragments’ and ‘Memory Fragments’ they will uncover clues that will be stored in the diary.

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In order to discover these fragments, players can use the ‘Compass of Recollection. Koei Tecmo explains that it allows players “to evoke memories from the ruins that allows them to see the general location of where Ruin Fragments are located.”

Along with revealing more details about the mysterious ruins, Koei Tecmo also revealed that Ryza will be joined by her old childhood friend Lent Marslink.

However, Lent Marslink is not the same person that Ryza knew from their adventures on Kurken Island. Lent set out on his own journey improving his combat skills. However, his cheerful demeanor is no more and he’s not particularly happy to reunite with his friends.

Along with these game play and character details, they also revealed that customers who purchase either the physical or digital copy of the game within the first two weeks of release will unlock an Early Purchase Bonus code that unlocked the Summer Fashion Costume Set.

Take a look at all of the Summer Fashion Costumes.

They also confirmed that players who have save data from Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout will be able to unlock the Classic Costume Set for Ryza and her friends from the previous title.

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