Resurrection actor Samaire Armstrong recently declared she will be voting for President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election, while also calling Black Lives Matter a “domestic terror organization.”

Armstrong declared her support for President Trump in an over 7-minute long Instagram video and accompanying post.

In the video, Armstrong describes herself as an independent saying, “I’m not a traditional conservative. I’m not a full red Republican. I’m actually an independent. I do look at both sides of the party system and assess what’s going on.”

She added, “And I intentionally decided to vote Trump again.”

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Armstrong then went on to explain why, “Because if you can’t tell that Hillary, Kamala, and Biden are out of their minds and have been in politics for some of them almost 50 years and are the reason for all of this ‘systemic racism’ and injustice, and you continue to vote for them to keep them in place then I’m sorry you are part of the problem. Just because you’ve been duped into believing the Democrat party are for the people.”

While claiming she’s an independent, Armstrong would laud the Republican Party saying, “The Republican Party care about people, believe in people, and the opportunities that, the freedom that we have to make something of ourselves. Big government gets in the way of freedom. Taxing the rich gets in the way of providing jobs for people.”

Armstrong would go on to criticize the left saying, “They might look ‘presidential,’ or they might placate and pander very well, but they are not doing anything. And that’s why they hate Trump so much.”

She continued, “Our freedom of speech has been infringed upon. We are not allowed to have conversations or diversity of thought. If support Trump you are a brainwashed idiot. And by the way you’ll be told what a brainwashed idiot. But you won’t be presented with facts.”

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Later in the video Armstrong stated, “The really interesting thing is I’m getting messages from all over the world, from New Zealand, from Germany, from Australia, from England, and they are all saying the same thing. The far left is pushing an agenda of socialism and silencing anyone who speaks out on it. It’s not just happening here and that makes it all the more reason why it’s important that we stand up.”

She continued, “Because we are riddled with fear right now over speaking. And in America that’s our right. We have the right to speak out on this.”

In a separate Instagram post, Armstrong would declare that Black Lives Matter is “billion dollar domestic terror organization.”

She wrote on Instagram, Black lives, they matter!! However, BLM is a billion dollar domestic terror organization.”

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Armstrong added, “It’s ok to speak out against the fascist far left mob, Call a spade, a spade. No more pandering to their hurt feelings and ‘safe spaces.'”

She continued, “There is a war on democracy. There is no ignoring the chaos and violence on our streets. This is unacceptable, nor is it justice.”

Armstrong then went on to praise the police stating, “I support our hero’s in blue #refundthepolice.”

She added, “I support identifying the breakdown of injustice in our communities, and building up, rather then burning down.”

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Armstrong then went on to describe former Vice President Joe Biden as a “walking corpse.” She stated, “Handing the administration over to pandering Joe Biden;  the walking corpse, who believes that the Black community is of monolithic thought, is a doomsday in the fight for justice that we seek.”

“An elimination and restructuring of systemic racism can not be trusted to be accomplished at the same hands that built it,” she concluded.

In another post, Armstrong also declared that the police should not be defunded.


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She elaborated, “BLM has taken us by our heart, has manipulated our mind and contorted our values.”

“This is a act of warfare at the hands of Marxist criminals, “woke” white, angsty uneducated #ANTIFA, who do not have the bandwidth to navigate an indoor golf course, let alone life. They are not bright. They are manipulative criminals,” she continued.

She would also state that BLM is a “domestic terrorist organization writing, “They are puppets, of an agenda. We too have been puppets. This must end now. White guilt, celebrity endorsement, and corporate pandering has funded this 1 billion dollar domestic terrorist organization.”

#BLM #ANTIFA is destroying, and dismantling our first line of defense against criminals. Our policemen and women have been thrown under the bus by spineless politicians. We owe the police our most heartfelt apologies and gratitude for their sacrifice,” she stated.

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“We have willfully walked into a trap. It’s time to get out. I know you want the best for Black people. I believe most people do!! I spoke in support of BLM. I wanted to help. This is not what you or I signed up for. Enough is enough. God bless America. I love you all,” she concluded.

What do make of Armstrong’s support for President Donald Trump, her support for the police, and her declaration that Black Lives Matter is a “domestic terror organization?”

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