New set photos from behind the scenes of Jurassic World: Dominion don’t show us any new dinosaurs but they impart that the second sequel in the latest trilogy is going global.

Universal Pictures released the photos which offer sparing glimpses of new locations in the story.

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One, though the background is out of focus, looks a little like a museum interior you would typically find in Indiana Jones, which is fitting.

It’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing some dinosaur bones again if that’s the case. What else do you expect to see in a museum?


Another possibility is the place is the lobby of the Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center, meaning the Park is theoretically open again for business. That, as history tells us, never ends well.

You can also see that pandemic protocols are in place and no corners are apparently being cut. The crew member slating the scene is wearing a mask and PPE.

Shooting in the UK was allowed to resume as long as precautions were taken and they moved to a controlled studio environment.

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Jurassic world CC on Netflix

And judging by the slate, the original JP logo and font from the first two movies are being used, sure to tickle that nostalgia bone even further after the pronouncement there will be animatronic dinos for the first time in decades.

Hopefully, they keep the same classic logo and font on the posters.

Universal’s next BTS photo has three crew members in masks – no PPE since they’re outside, presumably – and they’re assembling an absurdly larger clapperboard.


Behind them is an artificial mountainside covered in snow. Why anybody is climbing snowy mountains in Dominion is a mystery, but it is a mild spoiler.

Perhaps somebody is looking for fossils, eggs, bones, or all three. And maybe there are pterosaurs nesting up there that attack in a tense sequence of hell-frozen-over action.

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A frigid climate might also indicate we’re in for some Ice-Age beasts. Seeing a mammoth or a sabretooth tiger, for example, is an exciting prospect.

The jury is out on cameos by post-Cretaceous creatures but new dinosaurs and old favorites are cryptically confirmed for the flick based on the words of director Colin Trevorrow and star Jeff Goldblum.

It’s clear now we can expect some globe-hopping too beyond the return to Site B on Isla Sorna when Jurassic World: Dominion hits theaters June 11, 2021.

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