Rumor: Michael B. Jordan the Favorite to Play John Stewart/Green Lantern

Michael Jordan up for John Stewart

He had a pitch for Superman. He was on the rumored shortlist for Hawkman in Black Adam. But Warner Bros. could have a different role for Michael B. Jordan.

Mikey Sutton’s latest scoop on Geekosity suggests the Killmonger actor is WB’s favorite at the moment to play John Stewart, that is to say, one of Earth’s Green Lanterns.

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Sutton “asked a source who WB’s dream choice for Stewart will be, the answer dropped fast: Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther and Creed fame.”

Sutton continues that insiders are telling him “a new GL film is being seriously discussed for Stewart.”

He notes the studio doesn’t really like the 2011 one starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, even though their meddling, he says, “resulted in the film not reaching its creative potential.”

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Still, WB does see enough “commercial potential” to move forward with a film surrounding Stewart so it “is being seriously discussed.”

In their eyes, “if done well, it could be like a cross between Superman and Star Wars,” Sutton wrote.

Casting is a long way off and the search for a director is ongoing but they are still talking with JJ Abrams, according to Sutton.

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Hal & John

Michael B. Jordan is out of contention, if he was ever in it, for Hawkman with the casting of Aldis Hodge.

Jordan reportedly met with Warner about his Superman movie pitch some time ago. His busy schedule and the return of Henry Cavill seem to rule out the Man of Steel for him too.

And just when you think GL is a safe bet…WB may not be fans of Reynolds’ portrayal of Hal but rumors indicate Zack Snyder is. The director may want him for additional scenes in his Cut of Justice League.

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Hal Jordan - Green Lantern - DC Comics

If that happens, we’ll see how things shake out for Michael B. Jordan’s chances as John Stewart. WarnerMedia, HBO Max, or parent company AT&T may want to keep Reynolds around – depending on how The Snyder Cut performs with streaming audiences.

Either way, Stewart is expected for a revivified cinematic Justice League, according to a previous Geekosity scoop, and so is Hal, just not right away.

Both are set to star in the HBO Max GL series, produced by Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns, that is supposed to feature additionally Sinestro and other members of the Corps in two timelines.

Sutton further suggested the big-screen Green Lantern reboot for Hal Jordan is off and all ideas for that are moving to the streaming series.

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